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MiLB 2022 Catch All thread


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I remember Kevin Goldstein saying on Twitter that it takes 3/4 years to really build a farm system.

Excluding the 2020 draft because it was so short, the Sox, Mike Shirley and Marco Paddy are 2 years into this process. They’ve come out with Colson Montgomery, Oscar Colas, Sean Burke, Norge Vera, Wes Kath, Tanner McDougal, Erick Hernandez, Noah Schultz, Payton Pallette, and Jonathan Cannon amongst others.

This still might be a bottom 5 farm system but it’s very, very intriguing. I think the Sox are in good hands with Shirley and his penchant for upside.

I’m predicting that they’ll have a top 20 pick in next year’s draft and that will be a huge boost to the farm as well. 

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Colas on the hot sheet.


7. Oscar Colas, OF, White Sox
Team: Double-A Birmingham (Southern)
Age: 23

Why He’s Here: .393/.485/.929 (11-for-28), 10 R, 5 HR, 9 RBIs, 3 BB, 9 SO

The Scoop: Colas impressed at the Futures Game with a single and a diving catch and has carried that momentum back with him to Birmingtham. Colas has hit five home runs in eight games since returning from Los Angeles, including a pair of two-homer games. He’s now batting .323/.384/.523 with 12 home runs and 53 RBIs in his first season stateside and is looking more and more like the White Sox’s next Cuban success. (KG)


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Trade rumors has a story about how to gain players post deadline.  They mentioned independent leagues.  Tyler Webb is in one.  Decent at one point.  Not sure what took him out but I don't think he can be worse than some of our AA-AAA junk we have been trotting out lately in bullpen games.  Might be worth a flier and no acquisition cost.  Outside the box. Try in AA for week or two and bump up or straight to AAA.  We got room.


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