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Old Sock Drawer, ex Sox player discussion


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Just now, maxjusttyped said:

The most likely outcome was always that he would go back to being ~fine this season. It's just bizarre how role players like that always seem to come here and fall off a cliff.

Pretty much any position player we sign or trade for ends up regressing. The lone exception recently is Grandal and we're seeing the regression right now, 2 years after signing him. James McCann is probably the other exception, but even he regressed back to the mean after we smartly didn't re-sign him. Just look at the track record for the past 5 years. 

2017: Didn't really sign any one

2018: Wellington Castillo - Came off a strong year with Baltimore only to put up 0.2 WAR and eventually got busted for PEDs.


Yonder Alonso - Became the 2nd coming of Adam Dunn after a declining season with Cleveland in 2018. Retired after 2019.

James McCann - did end up improving with the Sox and had about 140 games of production on offense. Is now a pumpkin with the Mets. 

Jon Jay - brought in cause he was Machado's friend. Was pretty much worthless. 


Edwin Encarnacion - Regressed heavily with the Yankees at the end of 2019. Basically forgot how to hit a baseball in 2020 and is out of the game.


Adam Eaton - Terrible with the Nats in 2020. Was good for like a month until his body gave out. Is now retired and a coach. 


Josh Harrison - had a good few months with the Nationals in 2021 and then bombed after a trade to the A's. Heavy regression (seeing a theme here?)

AJ Pollock - had a near career year in 2021 only to forget how to hit any sort of breaking pitch with the Sox. 

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So the Dodgers leave Chicago and are promptly swept by the Giants, and guess who got the win with 6 innings of 2-hit shutout ball?  Rather ironic that the Sox let him go primarily because he could not stay healthy - and now he seems healthy and most of the Sox are not!

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The Luis Gonzalez stuff is painful, but does anyone think he would have a 131 wRC+ right now if he were still on the Sox? Their hitting coaching + development is miles behind where the Giants are at right now.

Also, with Rodon's start tonight, he has essentially already provided ~22M worth of value on the season. He's 7th in fWAR, 5th in strikeout rate, & 19th in ERA (2.84) as of now. It sure would have been nice to have him on this years team.

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Termarr Johnson and Corbin Carroll headline projected 2027 MLB All Star teams.  Rutschman, Nolan Gorman shout outs.

No Luis Robert mention.  Or Kopech/Cease.

Of course He Who Shall Not Be Named in there at SS.

Another Contreras brother at catcher.

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5 hours ago, bmags said:

Hard to believe the Dodgers RF is going to be a platoon of Eddy Alvarez and Trayce Thompson. Basically the 2015 Charlotte Knights

And Nomar Mazara only 75 miles to the south...not too long ago they had too many outfielders in LA.

Sure would be nice to have Alek Thomas as a LHH to play RF about now but the Sox deliberately passed him up due to their relationship with his father in, you guess it, strength and conditioning.  

JB Wendelken still hanging in there with DBacks as well.



Luis Gonzalez and Mazara still hanging tough statistically.

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