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08/15: Astros at Sox. 7:10, NBCSN4K, NBCSN+ (es); FS1


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37 minutes ago, caulfield12 said:

Guardians have just 18 remaining road games.

Crazy the way that worked out.

AJ Hinch just had a rookie face Jose Ramirez with two outs and a runner at third...laced it to the base of RF wall.  Gusty call. 

Another rookie pitcher for CLE starting, Chef Curry.  MLB debut.  That's 14 at least this year.  Ties club record from 1920s or 30s. Five rookie starters most since 2002 or 2012.

1-0 Tigers top of the 1st



Also Loan Depot Stadium in Miami might actually be more embarrassing than Guaranteed Rate Field...maybe.

Guardians win 1sT game with a 3 run homer late and are leading in the second game 3-1.  The Tigers suck and on their way to a 9 game losing streak.  Need to beat Astros tonight.  The Guardians are the ones we need to catchup.  Not worried about the Twins so much.

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1 minute ago, harkness99 said:

Harrison is hands down the mover overated player on this message board.

people act like he is some defensive wizard - he has made some good plays

But he also has fucked up plenty - just like right there.


He fucking sucks plain and simple.

They better move on from him.

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