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    So you're risking nothing
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    If Tony La Russa becomes the next manager of the White Sox, Rick Hahn should resign. He'd have another gig in 5 minutes.
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    I mean, this would just be a disastrous course for this team to take, giving the reins to a 76yo man who hasn't coached in over a decade. Old men are naturally incorrigible creatures. Think Hawk. Hawk literally blew off all sabremetrics and tried to boil it all down to TWTW. He was an old man and no one could tell him otherwise. He didn't give a damn that younger fans wanted to hear about advanced stats during the broadcast, he didn't want to hear them. He overvalued guys that he had close relationships with because he put trust over talent. How many times did we have to hear him defend the play of a guy who just wasn't good at baseball? We're getting Hawk when we get TLR. They're the same damn person. Old, incorrigible, reluctant to change, assholes. How does Rick Hahn work with him? Hell, how does Kenny work with him, for that matter? All three men know that JR will side with TLR. What hope do they have of convincing TLR of changes that need to be made, be it with personnel or roster construction? Will there be ANYONE on this coaching staff under 50yo that players can relate to? The days of hard-headed asshole managers who refuse to cater to players' feelings are looonnngggg gone. What FA wants to go play for an old grumpy motherfucker who will refuse to coddle them in any way whatsoever? None. No one. I'm livid this is anything more than a joke at this point. When it was first rumored he'd be interviewed, I thought that it was just a made up story. Now he's reached out to Dave Duncan? FFS. We've waited SO LONG for this rebuild to be over and to compete and JR does THIS to us? Seriously?! Just fucking shoot me in the head.
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    yadi, pujols, wainwright
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    Can't believe TLR is going to be coaching the Bears.
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    The World Series is over. Why haven't we hired a manager yet?
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    I just want to brace everyone now with some cold truth. If the Sox hire La Russa, please, please, please do not feel the need to announce you are leaving the fanbase. So many of you did that after Machado and you are still here. No one cares.
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    pocketbook? How old are you!
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    If the Sox get La Russa and the Tigers get Hinch I will be very upset
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    Ugh. I sincerely hope all of this La Russa speculation is wrong. My offseason hype has sunk to an all time low because of this.
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    Less than 20 years ago it was illegal to be gay in this country in many states. Several of the people who voted that it should be a crime to be gay if a state says so are still on the Supreme Court today. Have you ever had to worry about being thrown in jail for what you do in your bedroom? It is still legal in many states to deny people housing for being gay or fire them for it. Would you be ok with losing your house? The only reason I can type this is a prescription drug I’m on. I’m nonfunctional without them. I’m currently on an ACA plan. Without it I’m uninsurable. Unemployable. Bankrupt. Non functional and in terrific pain. I’ve got a new job now that will cover insurance for the next 2 years, but without prescriptions, you basically kill me. Get rid of the ACA and you literally leave me stuck in bed struggling to get out if this job ends. For some people this isn’t the difference between a 0 and 10% capital gains tax.
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    When I told my wife the White Sox fired their manager her first thing she said was "They should hire La Russa" (we are from STL). I immediately laughed and said no that would never happen. Well... Here we are
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    I agree here, something tells me La Russa would not go for bat flips. He’s the poster boy for old school style baseball and it makes me sick thinking of him managing this team.
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    I absolutely do not think that would be a consideration of his. I don’t get the sense Jerry would care.
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    Why, I replaced mine with a billfold two-score years ago!
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    Absolutely yes. Sox aren’t far away from having enough talent to where a manager wouldn’t even matter.
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    Omg now I can breathe. Not Steve Cishek says they are going to spend. He has an amazing track record so this was all I needed to love the La Russa news.
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    It’s my Twitter my bad poor attempt at a joke lol
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    so weird, I also have an uncle jose quintana
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    For sure. One area I’d be excited though is giving him 4 more years to really hammer China. I think more of the world will have to fall in line regarding China if he gets another term. This is probably the best thing for the world on a macro level. A Biden win is probably a forever pass for China.
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    Ill bet against this.
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    Using 5-4 Supreme Court votes, starting next Tuesday the government begins declaring packages of ballots invalid in major swing states, even tossing out results from some blue states entirely. Ballots are seized from some areas by DHS personnel at gunpoint. Trump declares himself the winner and says that the Democrats committed fraud. Democrats declare Trump to have stolen the election. Trump orders key opposition figures jailed as party takes full control. Some flee country, others in prison. Violence in streets causes Trump to order in army, army follows his orders and puts down opposition, by force in some cases. We watch over the next month as US democratic experiment collapses.
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    My mail arrived at 8:30 last night and that was not the first time that it came that late. The sabotaging of the US Mail is a crime, and to commit this crime to drive down the vote is a bigger crime. We need major reform regarding elections. There is no excuse for this shit.
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    Inside info season!!!!!!!
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