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Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil


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24 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

I honestly believe there’s a non zero chance we get him, but that requires three things:

  1. Reinsdorf preferring Harper over Machado and open to a larger contract for him
  2. Jerry seeing all the bad press / outrage over the Manny miss and willing to go a bit bigger
  3. The Phillies having a strict valuation range and not comfortable going beyond it

I truly believe #1 & #3 could be real things, just remain skeptical the Machado miss would have an impact on Jerry’s decision making.  But honestly who the fuck knows.  If the Padres could steal Machado from us, it’s possible we could steal Harper from the Phillies.

That’s more like it! Lock it up. This is a done deal. 

I’m 100% convinced we sign Harper by Wednesday this week.

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7 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

Obviously Boras is going to push for 10/$350M, but it’s not happening in this market IMO.  Will be interesting to see how high the Phillies are willing to go if 10/$300M was above their comfort level for Machado.

The Phillies absolutely have to be willing to go up to $350 million guaranteed.  Their roster is constructed to compete for the next 2-3 years, and they’re likely to get shut out of the playoffs because their starting pitching is short unless they add one more middle of the order bat.

No way Boras turns that down for a shorter deal with SFG.

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5 minutes ago, almagest said:

If the Sox don't pull a miracle here I hope the Padres swoop in again. Maybe that will help teams understand they need to move quickly next time.

It would be quite something if the Padres shocked the world and signed them both. Are the Phillies essentially the only bidder left at this point?

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