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Machado signs with Padres 10/300


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4 minutes ago, fathom said:

Hahn also going to be on with Kap at 10 today

Is this a damage control and concession tour? The way he is  being quoted seems like it.

"There are other players we are talking to you"

" Some outside of the Org. think even without Machado we had a good offseason"

Sounds like an insecure GM. Maybe I am over reacting but he sure doesn't seem as confident as he sounded at SoxFest.

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9 minutes ago, Orlando said:


This really annoys me. You traded for Manny's brother in law that didn't fit the depth chart and help a division rival shed salary. You over paid for his best friend coming off of a down year. You traded a young catcher for a 2 year reliever and replaced him with James Mccan. You traded for an average at best 5th starter. You paid Kelvin Herrera a very comparable annual salary to Ottavino. No Hahn, without Machado this wasn't a good offseason by any stretch of the imagination. And guess what Hahn? Until the White Sox get with the times and give a 100+ contract to someone, there wont be a parade.


Agreed. Without Machado, I don't really want Alonso nor Jay on the team. The only moves I would have liked is the Herrera deal. Colome I think was a good pickup and could likely be flipped for more than a backup catcher at some point if they want to trade him.

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6 minutes ago, shipps said:

Hahn can’t actually believe they had a good off season up to this point. He can not actually believe that. 

Hahn is doing what he has to do - sounding positive and not desperate on a day following Soxfest when the local media will give him time to be on the air. 

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Doom and Gloom Monday? Good lord man, they are still in this. I know frustration has set in on the waiting game, but realistically Lozano was always playing this game. 

Herrera, Colome and Nova all have a chance to be upgrades and a Jon Jay style player is a nice bridge to get .1 WaR players off the field until Robert/Gonzalez/Adolfo are ready. 

Wait until Spring training starts and these "3 to 4" moves shake out. 

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3 minutes ago, Orlando said:

Hahn said that there are other players they are talking too that would make us better. That sure sounds like free agency. Who the heck could that possibly be? Marwin? Moustakas?

no idea but if lack of activity is any indication, marwin g might be heading to an area where he is a decent buy low asset. If he recreates 2017 then you have a chip.

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7 minutes ago, Orlando said:

Just reacting to what Hahn said. He had some very disappointing quotes. It's not doom and gloom because we are irrational, it's doom and gloom because Hahn is on a radio show talking like a wimp 

Reading into a bunch of GM speak like it means anything is being pretty irrational.

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  • Kalapse changed the title to Yeah, they actually screwed this up: Machado reportedly signs with Padres

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