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Machado signs with Padres 10/300


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6 hours ago, GermanSoxFan said:

You'd think at least one journalist would have asked Rawlings what's up with that tweet...

Because they might get thrown under the bus by Lozano or the mlbpa for breaking the cba or disrupting the free agency process. Lol. Seriously,  the national guys are probably about as sick and tired of this whole process as we are. 

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Remember when an image of a Harper bat with Phillies logos leaked and people freaked out? A few hours later the company clarified they just prepared several bats to be ready wherever he signed?

That didn’t happen here, no knockdown at all so that feels pretty good.

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This isn't all on the teams.  We don't know what the offers have truly been, and we won't know until after they sign.  Even then we may not know what all of the offers were.  For Machado, there are only a handful of teams that A) need a player like him, and B) can spend the money.  There's little competition, and the $300M offers aren't coming as he had hoped.  He'll end up "settling" for a 7-8 year deal worth a little more than $30M per year.

Free agency needs to be fixed for sure, but this problem exists because of both sides.

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  • Kalapse changed the title to Yeah, they actually screwed this up: Machado reportedly signs with Padres

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