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2022 MLB Draft Thread

Harold's Leg Lift

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From Law.


Chicago White Sox select P Noah Schultz No. 26
Schultz missed almost the entire spring after contracting mono in March, but did return in mid-May and appeared to have recovered fully from the illness. He’s 6-9 and very projectable, coming from a very low 3/4 slot that will, of course, elicit comparisons to Randy Johnson and Chris Sale. The slot alone gives him deception against left-handed batters, and his height gives him some natural extension to further that. He has a sweepy slider that projects to plus. He should end up throwing comfortably in the mid-90s given his frame and the way his arm works, with his changeup a clear third among his current offerings.

He’s considered a very tough sign due to his Vanderbilt commitment. Bear in mind, history is working against Schultz becoming a durable starter: Only five pitchers in MLB history 6-9 or taller have thrown at least 500 innings, and only three have topped 1,000. One of them is in the Hall of Fame, though, and I’m sure any team making a run at Schultz this spring will have Randy Johnson on their minds.


The White Sox were the only team I ever heard on Noah Schultz, a 6-foot-9 lefty from the Chicago area who was presumed to be going to Vanderbilt, especially after a spring when he barely pitched after a bad case of mono.

If you saw Eury Perez in the Futures Game, you have some idea of what Schultz looks like, except from the left side – huge, but with a low slot and some extension out front, along with a sweepy slider that plays up because of where his arm finishes. He’s very projectable, low 90s now but with a ton of velocity upside. That said, there have been very, very few pitchers this tall to last as starters, and two of them, Randy Johnson and Chris Young, were unicorns.


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21 minutes ago, ron883 said:

In all honesty, I wonder if they promised to fast track him to the majors in a relief role? I'd imagine that would make him more likely to sign

He should require that the Sox write into the contract that they WON'T do that.  

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5 minutes ago, GreenSox said:

And non-draft stuff.
Be that as it may, MLB, Law, Fangraphs - not in the top 40.  Mono shouldn't drop anyone; it's not like surgery.

Mono can be worse. It can really change someone's endurance. It has ruined careers if runners.

That's why his performance after returning was so important. 

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