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2022 MLB Draft Thread

Harold's Leg Lift

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13 minutes ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

He's not going to miss much development time but there are other things here to woory about.  I don't like the small frame, the max effort level and that he was also hurt his sophmore year. He has a pretty big hill to climb.

That and only 62 innings in his 2 years of college.

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1 hour ago, The Beast said:

How does the MLB draft go in terms of what each team can afford and what players can sign for?

There is a slot value for each pick and each team is given a total amount of money to spend commensurate with the sum of each of their pick’s respective slot values.


Players don’t necessarily have to sign for the value of the slot they’re taken though which leads to lots of gaming so teams can sign over slot players later in the draft. To this end, you’ll see a lot of teams draft college seniors in rounds 3-10 and sign them for a $10k bonus (Minimum signing bonus), leaving them the rest of the slot money to spend elsewhere. i.e. a player signs for $10k but his pick has slot value of $500k, the team now has $490k to spend elsewhere. They do this several times and can now sign a player for $1mil +. 

that’s the broad strokes version of how it works anyways. Hope it helps

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47 minutes ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

I'm eyeing up some college catchers. Hayden Dunhurst, Dominic Keegan or Matt Wood. They have to address the dearth of catching in the system. 

I think sox should try with Dunhurst, but I know in 5 years I'll be bored by him hitting .500 OPS in birmingham.

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