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Rumor: White Sox made offer for Max Kepler


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Fine, I guess, if the price is basically nothing.  Kepler's career OBP is a miserable .317.  He's not cheap either, for a guy who can't hit.

This just seems lazy; so often, they focus on  players that they are familiar with (Cubs, division players) instead of doing real scouting.

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3 hours ago, Chicago White Sox said:

If I were the Twins, I wouldn’t accept a prospect less than Bryan Ramos.  And for all I know they’d prefer a major league player in return rather than obtaining more prospect currency.

That's steep.

Law thinks Ramos could be a monster, I wouldn't give him away for Kepler.

Just sign Conforto for 1 yr deal. Spend some money for once and stop robbing Peter to pay Paul. I'm sick of this s%*#.

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