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    The #1 human rights violation he is known for is there is only one TV channel broadcast in the country and it shows nothing but 2018 White Sox baseball games with the Abreu at bats edited out.
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    The middle infield in Chicago is pretty well set for the near future. But depth, for insurance and alternatives (and maybe trade bait) is always good. Ken takes a look at three lower level prospects in this area, with quotes from the players, to paint a picture of some of the available talent.
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    This is true. You're right reps would help, but so would some lineup help. RIght now he's at the tail end of the Engel/Tilson, Narvaez, Trayce trio. Yoan hitting in front of Sanchez really only benefits Yolmer (actually think Yolmer has the best possible position for success in our lineup). You think Moncada would be producing better numbers in Benitendi's position in that Boston linup? Uh yeah. Might see a pitch or 2 with Betts and JD Martinez waiting. Right now, he's very exposed and pitchers really don't need to show him anything. Except for maybe 1-2 times per game that he's leading off an inning, he's up with 2 outs and nobody on. So does that make him less talented? Are Moncada's skills lacking or are they just not fully applicable yet? Does that mean that Yoan Moncada is the one with issues? He's far from perfect, but I think you will see eye-popping numbers put up when we start packing our lineup with MLB-caliber hitters. My dad always said the famous line while playing Eucher..."when you learn to play with the cards you're dealt, you'll get better ones." Kind of think that's where Moncada is right now...Learning how to play with nothing around him. If he can learn and continue to push through and develop, I think this will only benefit him down the road. Great guys can have good years in bad lineups. However, a great lineup can take someone good and make them great.
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    There is definitely developmental value to playing in MLB. The sooner you do that, the sooner they are ready. You don't want to play so many games with service time that you end up delaying your window for contention.
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    So businesses are making more money but not giving any of it to the little people. That's our country in a nutshell right now. It's all about the 1 percenters, folks. I don't think Trump can make business owners do the right thing with their profits. However, he is one of the ruthless 1 percent as well. I wonder if Judd Legum is in favor of Bernie led socialism as well. This is why I want free stuff now. The top money earners will never change and spread the wealth to their employees. They'll just buy another vacation house with the profits. Meanwhile we're all going to be on the streets. Did you see it was 1 percent of all baby boomers or something like that have any cash saved for retirement? When 40 percent of Americans are living on the streets it should get interesting, very interesting cause that will even affect the 1 percenters. Elect Bernie.
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    1. According to an article I read after the movie, it seems like it was premidated to start the events. 2. I think Charlie was possessed by the demon that the cult worships (explaining why she is so creepy). I think the grandma put it inside her at a young age (the mother mentions early on in the movie that she had a brother that was crazy and said he would say that the mother would try to put people inside of him) and then the demon was transferred from her into the boy at the end. http://collider.com/hereditary-ending-explained/
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    Uh, no. Exactly one person wanted to extend Avi. Literally no one else did.
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    I sometimes think that SoxTalk has memory of a fly. All of a sudden we like Palka and Engel? And dump Garcia? Last year it was let Engel rot and Garcia should be handed an extension... oh and that Nicky Delmonico can be a part of the future and that Davidson is a joke. Then in the beginning of the year it was Davidson can be the DH of the future!! He gets hurt for a few weeks and all of a sudden it's play Palka over Davidson when Nicky and Avi return.... How about this? Really none of these guys are much better or worse than each other and put them on the Nationals or Cubs or Astros and they'd all be riding the bench or in AAA. If we want to be a team that really competes for it all each year I don't think many of these guys are part of it. Hopefully you find 2-3 players from this disaster of a 2-3 years of baseball.
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    The last was Bryce Montes de Oca in 2014 which was the Rodon draft. He was taken in the 14th by the Sox out of HS. He also didn't sign as a junior in 2017 after being drafted by the Natinals in the 15th. He was taken this year with the Mets 9th rounder
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    Yeah, so, that's been a problem since June 1. I've made my displeasure very clear to the people who run CN, and their management at Tronc (TribCo media). They are working to fix it, that's all I can say. It's amazing they botched this so badly - they couldn't make the changes needed for the new EU privacy laws in time, so now no one in Europe can read anything TribCo. They are flushing money down the toilet. Which makes me think it will be fixed soon, but in the meantime, all I can do is apologize on their behalf. We (FutureSox) can't do anything about it. Unless we build a brand new, independent site. Which... well, keep your eyes peeled. 😉
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    I think it would worry me more if a 23 year-old top prospect's game was at its peak at age 23. The guy's a star now with so many ways to improve.
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    He'll be a bust again with his next strike out so let's enjoy the moment, for however long it lasts.
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    A rare for 6-0 for the farm tonight. Ws across the board! Great time for Basabe to come back alive. He should be ready for AA after surviving the slump.
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    It should be noted that just mentioning Moncada caused not only one homer tonight, but Puig has also gone 2/3 (2B and HR) to raise his OPS for the season all the way up to .795 after a terrible start to the season (12-3 Dodgers, BOT 6th).
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    Dems need to keep making it about healthcare and be careful about the social issues they target in some places. Focus on what will win votes (healthcare, pocketbooks, etc.). Here in Iowa, I think you could find a majority in favor of gay marriage, etc., but that's not gonna drive votes for anyone that's not already gonna vote for you.
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    Alex Spier of the Boston Globe i do like. He is really into stats almost to a fault at times. He did an inning in the broadcast booth w the Red Sox announcers Friday night. He indicated that there is some concern regarding Moncada due to the hand/wrist injuries he has suffered. I wasn't aware he has had multiple problems. He said that might be contributing to his problems from the right side.
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    From the Boston Globe: I think some sour grapes but the work ethic could be an issue unless that has changed Moncada was promoted to the majors out of Double A the following season. By then Moncada already had his own logo, a design combining his initials that he tattooed on his neck, embossed on the hood of several customized sports cars and silk-screened on the front of T-shirts. He was wearing one before the game on Friday. The other(Red) Sox players found it more entertaining than anything else, a rookie showing off before he had accomplished anything. They were less amused when Moncada showed little interest in honing his craft. He routinely skipped optional batting practice and rarely sought the advice of veteran players. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/redsox/2018/06/08/yoan-moncada-very-much-remains-work-progress-for-white-sox/dTJA94kUofR30VfxgSVbcN/story.html
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    So you are saying they struggle to pick the right free agents. But you trust them to pick the right players in the draft. Hmmm. You think free agency is a crapshoot; what about the draft? So they are incompetent picking free agents but they'll be better at the draft?? (Burger, Madrigal? Rodon? Hmmm).
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    This i get people want results in line with what he did last year, but I just don’t think it’s been as bad as people Markit out to be. The guy has fewer than 3 walks in 7 out of his 12 starts. He’s had a WHIP under 1.3 in 9 out of his 12 starts. He’s had a k/9 at 9 or higher in 11 out of 12 starts. He’s had 2 starts that accounted for 48% of his earned runs this season. Hes not a finished a product, he’s certainly has had a few clunkers this season, but make no mistake, Kopech has been REALLY GOOD at AAA this year. We all know that a 13% BB walk rate won’t get it done, but even with it, he’s pitching to a 3.60 FIP. Having him stay down or come up is not going to make or break him. He just turned 22 years old and he is good enough and has been good enough to learn and iron out his weaknesses while facing ML hitters. I think he should be up by August if I had a say.
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    We all knew who the starter of this thread would be when this happened last night, and I bet most of us could paraphrase what that poster would write.....
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    That's unfair. Just because you cherry picked a comment about how I don't know all the atrocities in NK ... I know Kim is a brutal dictator. I assure you I know as much or more about buster topics than 85 percent of all Americans would. You guys are much more unfair to me than I am to you all. A lot of people agree with my positions. My base of peeps on this board is more the silent group.
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    I still have $20 that says Greg and Caufield are the same person.
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    I just wish Ron or greg had started this thread.
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