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    I would put $100 down that leury/Engel could get you 1 WAR.
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    I would be happy bringing back Palka for RF if it meant we were signing Bauer. Starting pitching is our absolute #1 need imho & Bauer is my numero uno target.
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    I wrote about the manager search for today and some of the actual candidates: https://www.southsidesox.com/2020/10/22/21524486/white-sox-job-a-desirable-destination-for-managerial-candidates
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    Especially when your value has never been higher
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    The Sox are gonna sign Bauer and hire TLR and they are going to get in a knife fight by the end of July. Bauer will try to bump off Tony with his drone.
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    I don't really think it's that drastic to be honest. Belicheck cheated and got caught multiple times and players never had problems going to New England to play because they had a good team and a good chance to win. Both Stroman and Bauer have tweeted that they will play for whoever, they don't have preference and have not ruled out any team.
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    Jack McKeon won a world series with the Marlins when he was 72. I'm not saying that I want LaRussa back but I think it is more important what players are brought in/back next year than who the manager is quite frankly.
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    Because the NBA is doing awful with a similar model. And then to attempt to credit this to a single ownership group in all of pro sports? Laughable. I mean these arguments might have been valid in 1989, but in 2020? The world has changed. Come join us. Let go of those feelings.
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    From your lips.... I'd rather Mgr Morse Code than Mgr Juice. I also like the idea of Brantley and Springer following him to Chicago.
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    Wonder if Steve throwing this out there is publicly declaring Sox going after him aggressively. I still feel that offering him the starter/pitching coach hybrid role would sway him to join any team. Build out a plan and a framework for a few year deal, and it transitions to full time pitching coach upon career end. I doubt the sox would be willing to commit to that type of contract (still has years left of starting)...but any team that does will surely have an edge with him.
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    With the shortened season, spotrac shows the league average payroll at $59 million. That means total player salary for 30 teams comes to $1.8 billion. When they didn’t have to pay staff to open ballparks, does that claimed loss make any sense? It still does not to me. The White Sox’s payroll this year was $43 million. If revenue was 0, that means everyone else would have to blow through $57 million, without having to pay any ballpark employees. Revenue of course is not zero, so all the other staff have to blow what, $100 million to believe that number?
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    For a guy who thinks it is a waste of time, he is sure spending a lot of time on it.
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    Its like people don't pay any attention to reality and instead waste their times in their feelings. MLB is looking at a 3 BILLION dollar loss this year. If you put the Sox somewhere in the middle of the revenue pack, which this team usually is, that puts about us shouldering about the average of a $100,000,000 loss in revenues. The Sox were valued at $1.65 billion, so we are talking about a loss equal to something like 6% of the franchises total valuation. Digging even deeper, Forbes pegged the Sox with operating revenue of $285 million in 2019. Let's be generous and say between what's on the book, and what is off of the books, they really bring in $500 million a year. 20% of that revenue is gone, with no promise that it will be back in 2020. So you expect things to go on like normal with a minimum of a 20% hit to the bottom line? Hahn already tipped his cards to this winter, essentially saying they might have to wait and see how things develop this winter. Nothing about this off season will be normal. It also won't just be the White Sox. We are seeing team after team with much healthier bottom lines than the White Sox talking about cutting dollars this winter. The Yankees are talking about cutting payroll. That franchise put up almost $700 million in revenue according to Forbes last year. Add their off of the books stuff, they are easily over a billion. Get past your hurt feelings, and look at the new reality.
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    Last thing I'll post on this. Here's a link from another source that speaks to his elite spin rates, his high GB rates, and his ability to regularly go 6IP in most of his outings. They express why I favor Stroman as part of a 2 FA SP solution this offseason better than I can: Trashstros fans post about Stroman
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    Yeah, and he hasn't been funny or original. Pretty hypocritical.
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    I think this is a fair topic. I think Stroman makes sense for the following reasons: 1. This link suggests that there will be some sort of budget, which will preclude spending on top targets in FA. 2. The system still has talent, but is shallow. When you look at it, of the top 10 there will be a lot of graduations, leaving scant reserves from which to trade to improve the 26 man roster. [Seriously, it'll be Kopech, a handful of former prep SPs, and Adolfo atop the prospect lists, once Vaughn arrives here next season.] 3. This guy sucked this year. I mean, he really, really really sucked. Seriously, he sucked out loud at baseball this season. He had the worst BB/9 among SPs in MLB. In a competitive window, this team can't count on him, until he can get his shit sorted. He needs to start 2021 in Charlotte or Schaumburg, and fvkcing get his BB/9 down to a level that won't make you dry heave. 4. This guy is yet another SP who is on his way to bustville. Maybe he's a reason for Coop no longer being here, but he sucked even more than the guy in #3. 5. Over 162, this team will not even make it to the post season if it attempts to start the season with the guys under #3 &#4 in the starting rotation. Back in 2000, the SOX failed to make the postseason, due to an unreliable #5 SP. As currently comprised [Giolito-Keuchel-Dunning-Cease-Lopez], there's no prayer of making the postseason in a regular 162 game grind. Even if the SOX added Bauer, he can't pitch 3 times a week, and you'd have to hold your heaves for Cease and Lopez starts. 6. The payroll will require creativity to maintain future flexibility, when you consider that RF and a closer and an additional BP arm or two are needs, in addition to the gaping holes in the starting rotation. This is particularly important, if this team wants to retain the ability to add throughout the competitive window, and not just blow the entire payroll load in one offseason. 7. This list of FA SPs shows one or two top-end options, and then a cavalcade of geezing geezers, and other vets with their share of questions. If they propose Odorizzi having a market value of $17MM, I'd much rather have Stroman at ~half of that or less, PLUS Q at ~half of that as well. 8. He's had a strong GB rate rate over the course of his career, which could help him provide a good amount of IP, and lessen the burden on the BP over 162. TL/DR: Bauer can help in a playoff series, but he can't pitch more than once every five days. Just to be able to GET TO the playoffs, and to enable Cease re-find the strike zone, I'd rather sign 2 veteran SPs [Stroman/Q], and only have to gamble on Dunning as the #5.
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    He really should pitch for Houston just because of his name.
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    I’d say 3-5 including La Russa. They can’t talk to Hinch, Geren or Quatraro yet though. All external. Pitching coach likely internal though.
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    Regarding the scandal-ridden former Astros manager ... Think of this as the real world. Let's say a company that is not desperate to hire people got the resume of AJ Hinch right now. Sorry but it would be tossed in the circular file or at best the "let's wait 10 years and see what comes of this person" file. There are so many candidates out there it's absolutely wrong to hire this guy who is tied to a severe scandal in baseball. Sox will go from the loveable young-uns to the bad guys in the eyes of the baseball world. You know how many Astros got thrown at this year even with no fans in stands?? I don't understand how ANYBODY could support Jerry paying Hinch at this time in history. My choices, with the realization Oz has no chance cause of his mouth: Tony baby No. 1 (Hall of Famer). 2.) Bochy strong second (no brainer). 3. Steve Stone (don't laugh, though I'd miss him on MLB broadcasts). 4. Jim Leyland (if healthy). Just my takes. I don't want Alex Cora or AJP. AJP has no experience. But it would be a White Sox move. p.s. You know how bad that Astros scandal was? Fathom could slug a double if he knew what PITCH WAS COMING for gosh sakes. Maybe Caulfield as well!!
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    “Shame on you” is funny. They aren’t swearing or calling them names. He didn’t say they are bad people. Shame on you is just a funny way of heckling them in my opinion.
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    Do Sam Fuld's boys not quit?
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    Don't play the Twitter game if you're sensitive and not wanting to get hurt. And what's odd here, I don't think this woman is even bothered or hurt by what Bauer responded. At least I haven't seen it. If so, she'd probably delete her tweet and even take down her account.
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    This is one of the things that really bothers me about Bauer.
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