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    It would be nice if the Sox just gave Bauer what he wants, keep the prospects, and win the World Series. That’s just me though.
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    Which one of you changed Corbin Burnes to a White Sox player on Wikipedia?
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    We traded for Todd Ritchie when he was 30. Not sure how or why his name was brought up in the first place but it's a pretty awful comparison.
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    Agreed guys, White Sox have to keep that powder dry so they can also pass on more top level free agents next year.
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    I really think it is more important to quit pretending like this wasn't as serious as it was, and that it instead was some sort of a harmless cosplay.
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    You forgot Moncada and Roberts.
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    Burnes is a really nice arm that I'd love to have. But c'mon. I don't want to trade away major pieces of the future. Something like Cease, Stiever, Micker and Sheets..OK. But that's not going to be enough. I'd guess I'd be OK with moving Kelly just because he's so far away. Zero interest in trading any of Kopech, Madrigal, Vaughn, Crochet or major building blocks from MLB club for Burnes. I'd rather just spend $ on FA SP.....
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    I feel like Brantley is going to have a Carlos Beltran like aging. His profile is good for aging as a bat.
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    Also according to fathom I’m allowed to keep drinking this rumor for another 30 hours
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    I'm still having a hard time processing why this is a thing. The only plausible explanations: 1. The Brewers are bearish on Burnes and are actively trying to sell high. If so, you'd think there would be legitimate league wide rumors that he is being shopped, which as far as I can tell there are not. 2. Burnes is attached to a salary dump? I've speculated in the Sox buying bad contracts in exchange for value the past 3 offseasons where we seemingly had money to burn and it has never come true. It makes me sick to think of how man more solid young players we could have accumulated if Jerry would have dumped another 20 million per year. 3. Someone in our front office is enamored with Burnes and if this goes down we are going to be absolutely disgusted with what we have to give up. 4. The Brewers are going to completely tear down their team and for some reason their first move is trading an inexpensive young starter. 5. The weirdest smokescreen in recent memory.
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    If you're just looking backwards you're never going to see it.
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    Hmmm, maybe that is because Burnes has pitched at all the last couple years. And Kopech had a devastating elbow injury he needs to recover from and hasn't pitched at all in over 2 years. Maybe at least, I could just be making stuff up.
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    If RH had one of his guys (Q) at the price he wanted (8 mil) and let him go, he better hit on whatever he is working on or look out. Announcing JA Happ at 8 million isn't going to met with friendly fire.
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    I’ve said this multiple times on here but the White Sox aren’t trading Andrew Vaughn, Michael Kopech or Garrett Crochet for anyone this offseason.
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    Sure, Moncada and Robert too. I still don't get this silliness over a guy with 150 innings under his belt.
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    Nah, a few weeks from now he and his coworkers will be tweeting out about how Eaton for 1/8 was a much better value than Brantley or Springer
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    Garfien is going to be so envious of the Blue Jays offseason
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    Burnes, for the record, was 21st in IP in the NL last year. He would have been 3rd on the Sox (just 4 innings fewer than Keuchel) . I think it is safe to say he was working a full time starters load last season.
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    Answer would be sign Trevor Bauer but I doubt that will happen.
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    I really think it's important to stop claiming the coup was close to being successful. The FBI and later a team of Seals would have put a quick and easy end to this coup. The military wasn't going to take over the country to keep Trump in office. Saying they were close just gives them enthusiasm and peddles the same lies Trump has been spreading. They were close to committing additional murders, they were close to dozens of additional crimes, but they were not close to toppling our elected government and putting Trump in office.
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    I do Kopech + Cease + Madrigal for Burnes easy. Throw in either Rutherford or Kelley too if need be
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    He discusses this on Chuck's podcast; he even notes that he saw there was a new thread when he signed.
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