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AJ Pollock declines option, becomes FA

Sleepy Harold

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12 minutes ago, fathom said:

Biggest concern I have about that approach is it’s hard to imagine Sosa or Gonzalez making an impact against RHP, which is the team’s biggest need.

I don’t disagree, just opining based on the number of cheap options already on the 40 man.  And an overpriced one. 

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31 minutes ago, Tony said:

Not saying I want them to do this because it just runs back the same s%*# as last year…

But is it possible this opens the door up more for an Abreu return and Vaughn takes RF?

Maybe, but I gotta think it more likely means a lot more Gavin Sheets. I have a feeling they’re relying on saving that Abreu money 

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5 minutes ago, Harry Chappas said:

I think people are reading too much into this distain for the clubhouse.  

If he wants to play he is worth $8M and someone will give it to him...if he doesn't he gets $5M.

Wonder if there was any cash considerations for the buyout from the Dodgers.  


He is not worth $8 million and at least last offseason the only OFs who performed as poorly as him who got that much money were Rosario and Soler, and they had big postseasons that helped them earn money.

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7 minutes ago, fathom said:

Yuck, it’s unrelated to free agency it sounds like. Wonder if it’s an announcement that Stone or Benetti are gone 

Maybe both are gone. Benetti is very in-demand and Stone was gone for large portions of the season. McKnight probably covers radio and we end up with Len and DJ on TV. 

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