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2023-24 NFL Season Thread

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56 minutes ago, pcq said:

So what is the story here??

Alan Williams, or someone in his household, may or may not have been caught with CP, running a gambling ring, fixing games, defrauding the PPP program, or any number of other possible crimes, which led to his home and/or Halas Hall or neither being raided by the FBI, and the Bears and journalists may or may not have known what happened and possibly refuse to say it.


That’s pretty much a summary of the rumors.

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9 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

I can’t wait for the Eberflus & Getsy era to come to an end.  These men should be legit embarrassed for being this incompetent at football management.

You can pack Poles in the car with them. Note to George McCaskey, stay away from anyone named Matt or Ryan.

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13 minutes ago, CentralChamps21 said:

Trying to develop a QB, trade for a WR, upgrade your DBs, are all pointless activities when your OL and DL are so bad.

Every single draft pick and free agent signing should have been OL and DL. Get those groups shored up and then spend next season looking at the other positions.

You’re going to be pretty disappointed until they change their QB. There are stats and analysis that support this. Gonna post something another poster on a different website posted because it defines how much of a problem Justin is to the offense.


“Chicago armed Fields with D.J. Moore this offseason. Moore adds to a wide receiver room that includes Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool as its top three. The Bears have utilized an 11-personnel grouping on 78.5% of their plays this season, which ranks fourth in the entire league. But Fields either can't or won't even see them. The Bears' quarterbacks coach, Andrew Janocko, told me before the season that Fields needed to improve on his anticipation and rhythm. That's still the case.

We haven't seen Fields throw to a spot. He needs to physically see his receivers get to their designated mark before he throws the ball. That doesn't work in the NFL. You have to trust your receivers to be on time and at their mark ahead of time and get the ball out faster. You also need better footwork — and urgency with your dropback.

He cannot seem to get through his progressions, as a result. So much so, that the Bears offense seems to have multiple plays installed that are only half-field reads — meaning Fields only has to go through a progression on half the field. It's meant to help him make a quicker decision and speed up his game. But even that's not working when Fields has no faith in the offensive line. Yes, they need to give him more time but in reality, Fields doesn't even crack the top 10 in pressure percentage. He's pressured on 24.1% of dropbacks. That ranks 14th in the league. 

On top of that, Fields has the most time in the pocket from catching the snap to throwing the ball or getting pressured of any quarterback in the league at 2.8 seconds.“

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3 minutes ago, nitetrain8601 said:

Did you believes last year that the Bears were supposed to be a one year rebuild job? 

Team is regressing especially QB, what positive are you seeing? I don’t see one position that pointing up.

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Just now, Soxfest said:

Team is regressing especially QB, what positive are you seeing. 

O Line is actually protecting at least at league rate if not upper half. Guys are schemed open offensively. They clearly are running more designed runs and it’s netting them nothing to try to get their flawed QB to look decent.


Team also has set themselves up with some nice assets so when they get a QB who is not so heavily flawed, they will make a huge turnaround. Similar to Miami a few years ago.


dint be impatient knowing that the rebuild was never less than a 3 year job and we are at 1 year and 3 months of Poles and Eberflus on the job. Give people time foe their plan to play out.

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