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    I just can’t get worked up over the plight of unionized labor force with a $500,000 minimum wage and $4,000,000 median salary, not to mention free high end medical benefits. If they aren’t making enough, it’s their own damn fault. They have ALL the tools to take care of themselves and decades of precedent doing so. They screwed themselves over in the last CBA a bit for sure, but take a look at salary growth over the last thirty years, both gross and in terms of percentage of revenue. Their union has been one of the strongest in history. They enjoy benefits and protections that most other industries dream of, and get paid ten times more. In what other billion dollar industry does non-executive labor get anywhere CLOSE to the fraction of revenue that players get? If we want to be outraged about economic equality we need to stop crying about these athletes and turn out rage toward those who actually need it.
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    I'd rather pay Jay, whom can play all three OF positions, than pay Avi to play RF when he's occasionally healthy. With the Sox payroll as low as it is it's just silly to complain about spending 4M on Jay. That 4M has literally zero impact on the payroll this year.
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    OTOH if we DO sign Machado for 200 mill that would be pretty incredible unless its like 1 year 200 million then I would say that was probably unwise.
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    Definitely lesson to be learned on both sides. She did throw out the 1st 2 insults. You don't pick a fight with someone bigger than you especially when that someone has legions of fans. Bauer too should have been wise enough to know his stature as a professional athlete would lead to something much bigger that would hurt his status . Her fandom of the Astros and Bregman led her to stick her nose into some good natured ribbing between 2 professional ballplayers. If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen. I know we feel the need to stick up for the damsel in distress but she literally threw herself in harms way. I have no sympathy for either side. Neither side seems to have a clue about the consequences of their actions .
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    Re-sign Davidson for games at Kauffman.
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    First time poster. I have followed SoxTalk for over a decade. I can say with 100% certainty that it is not true.
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    Only weirdos spend an entire day engaging with people on the internet. Wait...
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    This isn't true though. They've offered more $$ than Abreu's contract to other players. Alex Gordon and Tanaka included.
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    Like I said I have no sympathy for either side. Both were idiots. She is not a victim. She basically called him a 16 year old girl on her period to start the shit. I don't care that it didn't live up to the high standard of great insults from fans to celebs. Twitter is a cesspool and when you wade into a cesspool be prepared for some shit. If you can't handle it delete it . Pretty simple. This will be my last opinion on the matter because dipping my toe into that cesspool of nonsense is not something I feel the need to waste my time on. Most of us learned our lessons as children on something like this. Only morons take a stick and poke a bear.
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    This is going to be Soxtalk if the Manny deal gets done.
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    The heck you expect him to say? "Don't worry y'all, it's in the bag!"
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    Jeff Keppinger. He's the guy who was so bad that I had to mentally reevaluate how I thought about the free agent market.
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    Anybody who votes Yolmer should be insta-banned. Like, set up an algorithm where once you press vote, it says "You have been banned from posting at Soxtalk, you dumbass."
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    Mark Teahen and Keppinger are definitely tied for first. Yolmer and Frazier should each get 0 votes.
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    Personally I think Bob’s $200M comment is an effort to prevent Philly from upping their offer too much.
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    The thing I love about Bob is he will absolutely just quote whatever nonsense comes out of what of his sources mouths. I’m pretty sure he hates this part of his job. He just wants to tweet about mindless feel good stuff like how when a player hits a homer it was so incredible because his great grandfather used to stitch the baseballs that were used for homering.
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    @ChiliIrishHammock24 remember when you were asking where you remembered that guy from, the one who tweeted Manny to the Sox? This was over a week before the signing, and before anyone even knew we were in on catchers/Castillo. He even nailed the terms. This is what he tweeted tonight. He has probably gotten stuff wrong before, but he nailed Castillo a week early so he at least has some semblance of a track record. 👀
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    Every year that passes, that season gets more artificially painful in my brain. By 2025, we’ll have lost every game 15-0 and five players will have suffered career-ending injuries. By 2030, the White Sox will have lost the next 300 following regular season games. By 2040, all my family will have been murdered that week.
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    The vibe I've been given is that Nightengale is a mouthpiece for the Sox & Levine doesn't usually know much. I'm sure anything Bob puts out is whatever the Sox want him to. Levine is simply piggybacking info off of anything he sees.
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    Huh? He was basically a 3 fWAR player with the Sox and hit 40 homers his first year. Not that 3 fWAR is amazing but it's above average. And he had a 114 wRC+ with the Yankees versus a 105 with the Sox that year. Not that much different and definitely not "tearing it up" with the Yankees.
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    He's reporting it from them hoping he gives them the Manny scoop later.
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    If it gets done, the deal will be for well north of $200 million. Nothing to see here from Bob guys.
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