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    Honestly, I want the negativity to infect this organization, to the core. I want it to be a virus this entire season. I want the players to hear it, I want the coaches to hear it. I want visiting players to hear it. Assuming they don't sign Harper, I want Rick Renteria commenting in June about how he's never heard fans react to their players like this in all his years in baseball. I want the players to be commenting in July about how bad they feel coming in to work every day. The only way that they will be forced to fix the problem is if it becomes so toxic that everyone realizes what they did. Otherwise they will just keep cruising along. Rick Hahn will keep pocketing his 7 figures, Reinsdorf will see $50 million in profits this year, and they'll just roll with it.
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    It's funny you say that, but I am the one person who has been right about this process at every single step of the way. All I heard two years ago were how to loyal Sox fans were, how all they wanted was a direction, and that they wouldn't abandon the team any more than they already had. Even before they came in 2nd on Machado (like I spent months before this off season saying they would) and the outrage machine kicked into high gear in the last few days, the team was down HUGE in the last two years after doing exactly what they supposedly wanted done. This is the same franchise it has always been. A lot of people spent a lot of time convincing themselves that it was now different, despite all of the franchise history to look at. People are mad because they fell for it. I spent years telling you all this wasn't going to be the Cubs rebuild, but no one wanted to hear it. Get out of your feels for a while and pay attention.
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    I just hope they have a 305 crew bobblehead night where it’s the lockers of Alonso, Jay and empty locker.
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    Never have I ever been more unenthused for a season as this one. It doesn't even feel like Spring Training is going on.
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    Didn’t Nightengale have an article a couple years ago after the Q trade with JR discussing the rebuild? JR mentioned the Cubs and Houston and said those situations were different because the guys rebuilding were new, and he admitted the guys rebuilding the Sox were the ones who messed them up in the first place. He complemented the fan base for buying in, and for forgiving the regime, and said they would be re-paid in spades. Coming in second and not even trying on two of the biggest free agents in history with all the usual players on the sidelines is quite the thanks.
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    There is something satisfying with all the public outrage that’s happening. At least I know I’m not in this alone with all the ST peeps to bare the burden of failure. It’s spread throughout the entire fan base.
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    https://www.dailyherald.com/sports/20181204/report-thome-talks-up-white-sox-with-bryce-harper “The long term remains the priority. We aren't looking to do stopgap fixes, so to speak. In this free-agent market, there are potential opportunities to convert on premium talent that would fit along with what we're trying to develop for the long term.” Nova, Alonso, Jay, McCann, Santana... 🙄
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    Starting the recruiting process for Kyle in six years
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    Wow. You really get a feel for the dearth of talent on the mlb squad when they split it up. The home game has two guys who are going to be starters in 2020, Jimenez and Anderson, and the road game has maybe two Moncada and Madrigal. This rebuild is going to take a while.
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    Back-to-back HR by Manny and Tatis Jr., including Robert and Jimenez colliding trying to rob the homer and both out for the season.
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    And they're basically family, why would i not tell one of my better friends that he should take the money since SD is still a nice place to go to. Also hilarious those guys should recruit for the Sox, neither had played a damn inning in a Sox uniform yet but they should have been the Sox #1 cheerleaders. GMAB
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    Honestly, I hope the anger doesn't subside. I hope that the last dregs of the fanbase keep this up all year. Look I know it's not fair to the players but they're extremely well paid to put up with this. It's not their fault, but if someone already bought their season ticket package they have already committed money to support the clowns in the front office. I mean, don't throw things from the bleachers, but if booing every single player all year is the response you want, at least you've gotten something from your money.
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    This is probably one good reason the “friends and family” approach has never been attempted in this way. The repercussions of it backfiring. So fans are rightfully wondering how they were willing to guarantee $250 million but not the extra $50 million they already wasted in veterans for this year’s roster, especially the $13 million for Alonso and Jay. Missing on both whales is one thing. Its this wasting of time and resources on players that have NOTHING whatsoever to do with the next White Sox playoff roster that has everyone seeing RED. It’s simply a combination of stopgaps and castoffs...we’re like The Island Of Misfit Toys. And yet we gave up on Narvaez with four years of control, are going with Nova/Santana over young pitchers who could still make it (at least as relievers)...forcing Palka into RF where he doesn’t belong, etc. None of it makes any logical sense now. Or subjecting fans to another year of Engel and now Jay when not even the woebegone Royals wanted him anymore. How could you expect any but the most lenient fans to give them a free pass with all the information that’s coming out?
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    Southsider2k5 might want to hold off on his blasting the fanbase canned speech...because if this ownership group can’t even out-execute the Padres, there’s no reason to believe the pieces to realistically compete with the Astros, Red Sox, Yankees and even Indians will ever be there. It will be the same chicken and egg argument...they expect fans to show loyalty first before they’re willing to spend. It’s just completely backwards, compared to how everyone but the smallest market teams operate. And those organizations like the Pirates (shifting/pitch framing), A’s and Rays (starting relievers, backwards approach to get early leads) are at least trying to innovate their way through revenue generation challenges.
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    Cubs got lucky when Houston picked Mark Appel at no. 1 and Kris Bryant fell to them at no. 2. They got lucky when they got Rizzo. Luck plays a huge role in sports. Cubs were purchased by mega billionaire Joe Ricketts and they threw hundreds of millions at free agents. Money plays a huge role in sports. I'm not going to let a few downers who for years keep throwing the Cubs in our faces impact how I feel about my team.
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    Still can't believe Moncada was the prize for Sale. Hahn should be fired just for that.
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    They got thrown in a really bad spot. I don't think anybody should be upset at them.
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    I understand he’s going to spin everything, but my god; the only thing good about this offseason is that he didn’t throw any long term committments (2+ years) to scrub players to burn through the payroll
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    The entire AL central has pathetic attendance numbers. All pretty much in bottom third except for Minnesota which is one spot behind Cleveland. I’m sure the freezing temps of April don’t help any of Central but that’s not the only factor.
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    I attend about 24 games per year, 7 of which, is with my family. I assure you I will not boo Yonder or Jay or anyone in the front office at games. Probably because I won't be at any. My main problem with Hahnny is that they spend all this money on cheap parts that places the team in 75 win hell. They should be getting as many big fish as possible first, trying out young guys who have potential, and then bringing in stop gaps to fill holes where we couldn't acquire high end talent.
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    I wish everyone would unfollow them on twitter. That is one thing surely to get their attention.
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    Jon Jay is so bad of a hitter I can't even comment. Royals fans danced in the streets when he left the club. Please dump him ASAP. There's no reason to have Alonso around, none. The least the Sox could do is dump both.
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    Maybe I’m naive, but this is a positive tweet. If the Sox are going after him and don’t want Phillies to think they are a threat....
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    Yep. Could not agree more. Especially Jay. Fucker even said in a prior interview before Manny signed he would not get involved because it's Manny's business. Clearly that's not the case. These guys deserve whatever negative fan reaction they receive as long as they are on the team.
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    I was of the same opinion up until Manny's press conference today. After Manny said how much Jay and Alonso talked about how great SD is and how helpful they we're in his decision to go there, FUCK THEM. Get them the FUCK off this team. They were brought here to help recruit Manny. Jay wouldn't even have Major league job right now if it wasn't for Hahn giving him $4M to be a recruiter, and instead, they both helped Manny choose San Diego. I'm just as mad as I was today about that than I was when SD first signed Manny. These fucks have no room on this roster after pulling that shit. Their loyalty was bought, especially Jay, when they were acquired and they both fucked up. Fuck them.
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