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    No, you weren't. This needless underhanded jab proves it. He was just cracking a joke. You're such a miserable ass...
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    What's the exit velocity on a swing and miss?
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    my only philosophy on baseball (as a young person) is that old players like colome are useless (as are saves, since I am a statnik) and should be force retired. If that's not possible, flipping them is an okay consolation prize. White sox should seek to ensure their roster is as young player as possible, as the old players may rub off on them and turn them old.
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    Good grief. You kill joys are no fun and too serious.
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    Without fail I have been critical of the move, but at this point I have to say it. The Nova acquisition was absolutely worth it.
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    Right, while nearly all posters can blend the many factors that go into our opinions on what the team should do to be a consistent contender moving forward (age, control, position, productivity, future outlook, etc), greg can only handle one, so he assume all of us are only focused on a single input as well. And despite pointing this out, he will not be able to grow or change, because this has been pointed out to him roughly 1000x to him during the last 10 years at least and nothing.
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    Two good starts against the Cubs doesn’t make him worth it.
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    Remember, Real brings nothing but those truth bombs so clearly the Sox bungled his defensive development in the short time he was with us!!
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    Uh collins is 3 years younger and catches and this is his first ever taste of the majors. Palka is the worst defensive player in MLB baseball and cant hit and has had like 600 mlb at bats. Weird that you cant seperate the two.
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    Any time you can get value from a reliever when you're a non-contender, you take it. We have months to replace Colome, either externally or internally. One of Burdi, Hansen, Fulmer or Hamilton could emerge. If not, you have the entire off season to find relievers.
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    The Sox have had a good selection of nice guys. Delmonico and Palka are both easy to like... but it's a good sign when there is no longer room for them on our improving team.
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    Anyone who looked past HR in the box score. It's not good being a two-outcome player.
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    Shades of Hot Fire. Or was it HoT FiRe or some stupid shit like that? Either way, trash.
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    We literally just drafted nine prep players and signed eight of them. This includes our 2nd, 3rd, & 4th round picks. Your complaint of not being willing to take high upside prep talent is outdated.
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    Someone cue the @OneDog847 signal, because we got another first round bust on our hands! Clearly we should have taken the high schooler Abrams because he’s been HoT fIrE so far!
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    Way to move those goal posts. Nothing more entertaining than just hating on everything white sox on this board I guess.
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    White Sox just acquired Palka last year.
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    Nobody wants to keep him for the sake of winning a few more games this year. It's to have a good bullpen moving forward in to next year and beyond. Why are you against him being our closer for the next 2-4 years? At a certain point you have to say it's time to build this up, instead of continuing to tear it down. The Sox have the pieces to move full steam ahead.
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    778 for a 26 year old DH is bad.
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    Joe Borchard hit the ball hard. He just didn't hit it enough. When I say he cant hit I'm pointing moreso to his 219 career average and his 171 k's in 141 games.
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