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    Next year will be the 15th year since the team won the WS, and they’ve only returned to the postseason ONCE since then, playing in all of just four games, and with only ONE WIN to show for it. That last and only post ‘05 playoff occurrence happened way back when George W. Bush was wrapping up his second term in office. 2008. The team we know, love, and follow hasn’t been to the playoffs in 11 freaking years (and counting). 11 years, and this in a set-up that has not one but two wild card opportunities! 4th longest playoff drought in all of baseball (and counting). How much more “rebuilding” does this team need to do? They’ve gotten all of the blue chip prospects they’re going to get via trade. They’ll get another shot at adding a valuable piece in the draft next year. But it would seem now is the time to shift gears and get out of this revolting “tank” mode that inflicts hideously played baseball on our fan base and onto a strategy that genuinely and purposefully tries to bring sustainable winning baseball to the South Side. This means acquiring some “premium talent” on the open market, like other successful franchises do. Premium F*cking Talent. No excuses. They have all of the financial flexibility and wherewithal to do so. So do it! 2020 should be a year focused on competing for the postseason once again, particularly for this team that plays in the weakest division in all of baseball.
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    Well Josh Nelson is just reacting to what the Sox are leading him to think. You don't even have to have a negative attitude . All you have to do is see the road signs . I especially like the meeting with how the Astro's signed Gerrit Cole ,that was enlightening and how the Astros have 75 high speed cameras throughout their system when some teams are getting around to just having one. He's right in the sense that the Sox haven't picked a lane. Playing service time games with Robert and Madrigal makes me think they really don't want to contend next year so why should anyone think they will make a splash in Free Agency besides the low payroll ? They aren't serious about signing intl. talent, they won't have an extra team for that talent , they play service time games, they won't fully do what they have to do in scouting and development. Do things the right way to PROVE you want to win otherwise quit pretending you want to win by giving the car a crap engine but expecting it not to break down. Get in the fast lane or get off the highway.
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    You make very good points about how confusing it is to get a read on what exactly the Sox are doing or going to do. Do they contend in 2020 ? Some say yes they will sign FA's and go for it. However , then why hold Robert and Madrigal down? Why not get them up and acclimated for next year ? If held down how many combined games do they miss next year ? 40 ? 50 ? and then brought up to then get acclimated ? Does that sound like a team that wants to win next year ?
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    You, legitimately, have no idea what you’re talking about. It wasn’t about trying to extract more future value in trade for Colome. It was about not acquiring broken prospects or AAAA players for a guy who could really help this pen next season. This deadline was without a doubt a buyers market. There were a couple deals that seemed to favor the seller, but generally those were moves that had guys with a lot of cheap control moving. Colome is obviously not that. Hahn has very little to trade. A tad disappointed we didn’t see Nova/Jay/Castillo jettisoned our of town, but the first 2 actually serve some purpose.
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    If you squint a bit you can see the makings of a decent bullpen. They have two darn good lefties in Bummer and Fry. Colome is here for now, they need to find some more RH arms out of the pen. The SP isn't as dire as you think either. They don't necessarily need a Cole/Strasburg type, but it would be nice if they could land one. I keep coming back to Bumgarner. He shouldn't be nearly as expensive and he's a good bet to be #3 quality for his entire contract. They're not 10 pitchers short. Lopez still has upside, he can be a #4-5, Giolito and Cease have TOR stuff, how much they'll put it together remains to be seen. Kopech is coming back in March, idk wtf they're doing with Rodon.
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    That's real smart. Eliminate yourself from drafting a hall of famer like Frank Thomas. Probably the best Sox draft pick ever.
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    Caulfield what is with the obsession with the Brewers? You just started a thread about their pitching staff in PHT.
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    Dude we've been on the same page for 2 months now. Not calling up Robert and Madrigal at the start of the next homestand is really stupid. Playing service time games with them is robbing Peter to pay Paul. They're past that point in the rebuild now. If things were still going poorly and Moncada/Giolito/Anderson had not improved since last year, I'd get it. Those three took a huge step forward and they, along with Eloy are the current "core 4" and those guys need to be maximized while they're here.
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    You're killing me with all these damn edits today lol. I know you've spoken unkindly about Madigral in the past. When I called him a high contact singles hitter, that absolutely wasn't meant in a negative way. So don't be lumping me in with your former negative feelings on him. I think there's a positive about a player like that being on your team. I think he's potentially the #1 or #2 hitter in our lineup for the next 10+ years. Especially since his walk-rate has gone up quite a bit since he left college. But in the end, 82 of his 110 hits have been singles. I'm not looking it up, but that seems like a pretty high % of singles to me. And him being a high contact hitter is obviously true. I think it's already been stated that he has the lowest strikeout % in all of professional baseball right now. For our future lineup, I don't want 7 guys swinging for the fences every at-bat, kinda like the Cubs have right now. They did win a World Series, but they have some serious flaws in their lineup construction right now. And it wouldn't completely shock me if 3 years from now we consider Nick Madigral the best player on our White Sox.
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    All I know is we had a record number of "insiders" here last winter and were told by a couple that not only would the money be spent on one of Harper Machado, but don't be too surprised if they signed both. They ultimately signed for right at if not below projections and the Sox could not afford either. Their words not mine. To think they will be able to land a gut like Cole when teams like the Yankees won't be half assing their offers and have shown an ability to put together a team that can contend for years, is foolish. The money might be spent, but it won't be as much money as you think, and it won't be spent on the top of the line guys. It is one reason when they decided to fully rebuild, that rebuild should have included most of the baseball ops people.
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    The one-game playoff has depressed the prospect for starter trade - by a lot. Why trade the future for a 1-game coin-flip playoff game. The trade that the Indians made were never really done much in July (Tampa pulled off a great one last July) but in December but you don't see those much in December anymore. The Sox should be doing those trades but with prospects (except the "untouchables") and for pitching prospects. This lineup will be good; the pitching is a disaster. The Sox are 10 pitchers short. Eyeing a top of the rotation pitcher is ridiculous considering the number of holes in the staff.
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    Ron, I sincerely doubt threatening half the board is going to end up with the result you want...or that admins/moderators have the time and energy to sort it all out on a weekend. Besides, If half the board was actually suspended, wouldn’t the whole point of the board...which is interacting with other Sox fans...be null and void? It’s like bullying in middle or high school...if victims don’t care of it themselves and go to their parents or principal, it just brings further wrath down upon themselves, which is only exacerbated by this social media echo chamber age we live in.
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    Per Sox Machine, Charlotte hitting coach Frank Menechino: “Nothing,” said Knights hitting coach Frank Menechino when asked what Robert has improved. “He hasn’t improved nor gotten better, he’s been the same since he’s got here. And that’s pretty good, right? How much is he going to improve with 200 at-bats in Triple A? I don’t know.” Pretty bold split from the party line
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    Jose Rodriguez BOMB #7.
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    I agree with you all about Renteria. The two things he most controls, his decisions and the team's fundamentals - are both failing horribly. There's no basis for him to continue as manager of the White Sox. He doesn't deserve to keep his job.
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    I watched Fulmer busting butt down the line hustling his butt off trying to beat it out and I was impressed with him. I thought that's what sports is all about. Great effort. This is even though financially it makes no sense for him to hustle and possibly (probably since he did) get hurt and according to many fans who want to lose and continue tanking certainly makes no sense trying to beat it out in a game we were so close to losing and helping our draft position. In conclusion I applaud Fulmer for caring when nobody would have blamed him for loafing down the basepaths and staying healthy for a team going nowhere. His loafing could have been explained away that he's not used to running the basepaths and had trouble getting out of the box, etc. Kudos to Fulmer for trying to win when so many want the tank to cause L after L. TWTW really shows in a segment like that.
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    Should I get on the Blaze Jordan bandwagon now or later?...
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    I could see him hitting the clubs in Atlanta tonight, followed by an off day tomorrow.
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    George Bell sucked but that’s neither here nor there....Before the Q trade, the last trade of consequence between the teams was Garland for Karchner. I can’t believe so many people think the rebuild was some sort of scheme to lower payroll and they will never sign anyone ever again.... they outsmarted themselves and got too cute with Machado and lost out on him. Get over it. Sox fans can be such a group of whiners.
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