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    Y'all can pay $2 to FutureSox for all the free content you get. It's incredibly poor taste to ask the author to give you paid content for free. FutureSox isn't BA, BP, FanGraphs, or ESPN. It's posters here operating on a shoestring budget to bring you A+++ quality content specifically for the team you love.
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    I am only one fan, but if they add any more teams to the playoffs, I will lose interest. The regular season is supposed to mean something. This will only cheapen it. One thing that was great about MLB is that it was different than other sports. Making it similar to the NBA of NHL is a dumb idea. And playing the World Series on the eve of November is also dumb. MLB can shove this crap.
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    Excited to see Kopech and Madrigal very much even if it won't be right away. Super excited to see Robert , You keep hearing about the speed, power and fielding and the stats back it all up. Just to throw a little tidbit out there; Robert was the 1st minor leaguer since 1961 who was 30/30 (HR's and Stolen bases) +300 Total bases.
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    You’re the only person on the planet to do this.
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    The NBA system is fine, people just dont understand its purpose. Only half the teams make it, and they play 7 game series now. The top 3 teams in each conference are essentially rewarded with lesser opponents to tune up for difficult series that follow. It's like in college basketball how the top 3 seeds get tune ups. Baseball playoffs are rough because the top two teams typically play opponents just as good as they are in the first round. Since only 4 teams make the playoffs, you are only allowing the elites to play. The same is true for the NFL to a lesser degree. This is why you really don't know who is gonna win it all.
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    14 teams making the playoffs is gross. What is even more gross is getting 2nd in the AL and then matching up with the 6th place team in a 3 game series. Anything can happen in a 3 game series in baseball, and this would devalue the regular season so damn much. I hate it. I hated adding a 2nd WC, and I hate this even more. If you're going to go this route, you have to ditch divisions and leagues, and go to a full balanced schedule.
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    Anyone making any trips to see any Sox prospects this year? I live in a suburb just north of Charlotte so I’m about 15 miles from the Knights ballpark, 25 miles from Kannapolis and about 70 miles from Winston-Salem. Should be some good prospects in the Carolinas again this year. Looking forward to the season!
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    Are any of the 6 names worth being excited about?
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    It says the Sox have a deal with Norge Vera, it lists the other 6 players they are signing with some video and discusses the possibility of signing Oscar Colas.
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    Just remember, most other teams will add similar amounts of talent via Latin America and the draft though. It’s not like we have bigger bonus pools and additional picks to quickly narrow the gap. It’s going to take hitting big on a couple of classes before we are back to being middle of the pack IMO. Hopefully the 2019 draft is the start of that.
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    Expand the roster to 30 players and eliminate off days. Let's make this shit a real war of attrition!
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    Mark me down as rolling with the "I would be very surprised if this happens" clique.
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    https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/driveline-baseball-buys-pitching-sensor-company/ I'm sure this won't be a viral post, but thought it was worth noting that Driveline BAseball acquired Motus Global. Driveline is pretty popular and we know about it, but Motus Global was where Ben Hansen worked as VP of Biomechanics and Innovation. Ben Hansen was hired by the sox to be there Senior Biomechanical Engineer, as excellently detailed by @Y2Jimmy0 in the article below. That hire was a bit under the radar, but I'm not sure it isn't as big a move forward for this organization as Driveline's Boddy moving to Cincinnati. It is excellent to have someone this familiar with the new tech and how to instruct with it in Hansen. http://futuresox.com/index.php/2020/02/03/brave-new-world-white-sox-enter-the-realm-of-biomechanics/ Massive kudos to Getz as well as KW and Hahn for finally putting pieces into place here. If you are into the player development news for the sox, this winter has been incredibly informative. There is also this great piece from Fegan: https://theathletic.com/1577744/2020/02/05/fixing-fegan-an-up-close-look-at-how-two-white-sox-coaches-can-help-hitters/ https://theathletic.com/1563110/2020/01/27/we-look-at-the-numbers-every-day-white-sox-tout-technology-usage-in-scouting-player-development/
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    So you've been a baseball fan for a long time and always thought the left side of the infield was in front of a place they call Right Field while the right side of the infield was in front of Left Field ? Always thought it was kind of self explanatory but hey now you know ; Some times our brains betray us. As a kid and not knowing much about death and having some relatives who threw around words like babushka and klotzskis, I'd often hear the term "who died and left you boss" ? I thought died and left was one foreign word in German or something. Diedundtlefft. I eventually figured it out .
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    Im petrified. Please do so
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    Players with a .400 obp last season: Mike Trout (.438) Christian Yelich (.429) Alex Bregman (.432) Anthony Rendon (.412) Cody Bellinger (.406) Juan Soto (.401)
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    I kind of loathe the NBA style "everyone gets in" mentality. It really dilutes the regular season importance. I know I sound like a crabby old person but I think the butter zone was 4 per league for me. 3 division winners a 1 wild card. I see why they expanded but it should still mean something to get in.
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    Vera likely falls in the same range as Thompson/Dalquist
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    Also helps being available for vet minimum vs. asking for several million dollars.
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    this is how you fire a team up at halftime
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    You're talking about a very small portion of the population 😄
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    Can't wait to see (our best player) Moncada bunting again like last year.
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    A manager loses 20 games on his own?
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    Parasite was great. There was so much going on and it incorporated to many different themes.
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