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    Good news for you. Coop changed back to 21 this season. Vaughn will wear 99 when he makes it up.
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    He'S oNlY aN aThLeTe, NoT a BaSeBaLl PlAyEr
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    You may as well get ready now for the "he's a black player so Kenny Williams loves him" bullshit. It's going to be fast and furious this year.
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    It doesn't work like that. Your agent works on getting you paid by the position you play. Not how Jack Parkman thinks it should be done
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    Unless he develops some launch angle power, I just don't see it with him though unfortunately
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    Early reports this spring look positive for Rutherford. That would be huge because no Sox left-handed hitters ever seem to develop.
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    That would be the dream. He has far & away the most upside of the four, but has lost so much development time. He needs a full season of at-bats to demonstrate continued improvement in his plate discipline. Plus seeing him in the field would be nice as his arm was plus plus before the TJS and it’s impossible to say where it stand today.
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    Really hoping Adolfo stays healthy and shows he's a legit option for RF.
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    Luis Robert has reported to Glendale and is already hitting in the cage. *HEAVY. BREATHING.*
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    I feel like “local prep position player” is something they have ignored a lot recently
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    kudos to @chitownsportsfan for the second post. I am attending this year again, March 1-3, will be at Sox @ Angels, Padres @ Sox and probably Rangers @ Rockies at Talking Stick. Staying in Scottsdale, going to hike one of the days. See you there.
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    Yea his spin rate is unreal. Verlander like upper echelon.
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    Look at all that equipment in the back! God it feels good that this organization is finally catching up to the times. Still not quite there yet, but it's a hell of a start.
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    I saw Baseball America this week believes his ceiling is being a #3.
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    Sure, but not everyone fits that narrative and that was my point.
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    He should be batting 2nd anyways.
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    If he’s willing to sign an extension, bat him wherever the fuck he wants.
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    Thanks. I'm officially hyped for this guy: http://www.chicagonow.com/future-sox/2020/01/jose-rodriguez-is-worth-monitoring-in-white-sox-farm-system/
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    So, Lopez was too busy fixing other pitchers problems on the mound than figuring out his own? I think we found Coop’s replacement.
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    1 in 2009, when he came back. It’s on baseball-reference if want to look at the history. Unfortunately they only have players, not coaches numbers.
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    Any idea how they got around doing this without players being in the MLBPA? That was always the excuse for literally the last 15 years. that they weren't allowed to. Many minor leaguers have spoken out on Twitter about this asking where their cut is for SCEA using their likeness in the game....
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    Gio is Gio. Other Gio is Gonzalez or Gonzo. This is the way.
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