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9/20 Sox vs Cleveland


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3 minutes ago, HahnsKiddieTable said:

You really lose 2 games if you end up dropping any of these to Cleveland….they had to sweep this series 


3 minutes ago, reiks12 said:

2 out of 3 will have us 4 back (Cleveland has the tie breaker) with what, 12 games to go? Yeah possible, but its going to be a miniscule chance. 


3 minutes ago, Buehrle>Wood said:

2 out of 3 is meaningless. Literally doesn't allow us to pick up any games


3 minutes ago, southsideirish71 said:

they needed to sweep. 2 out of 3 is not enough.  Any win by Cleveland gives them the tiebreaker.  The clock is about to run out.  


2 minutes ago, Bob Sacamano said:

This. We would have to finish ahead of them in standings. Needed a sweep to get the tiebreaker.

Yes, they had to sweep. Yes, this is a playoff series. Yes, they won’t get the tiebreaker. Yes, 2 of 3 won’t do it. Yes, it’s a minuscule chance the Guardians will fall to the second spot.

But it is all still possible. Let it play out.

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