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2023 MLB offseason signings and rumors thread


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On 11/22/2022 at 12:22 PM, ChiSox59 said:

I’d kinda hate to use the TA bullet on Albies. I’d much rather see the Sox actually sign some legit FAs and try to win, but if that’s not in the cards, I am leaning more and more towards selling our expiring assets and doing a reset. It’s so tough to swallow that pill because the division is so winnable the next couple years but Sox could do really really well selling TA, Giolito, Lynn, Hendriks, Graveman, Bummer. Of course it’s punting 2023, but could get some really interesting guys to pair with the remainder of the core in 2024. I feel really dirty having typed that, but if the payroll is maxed at $180M that’s probably the best play. 

I don't think so. Sure, I guess ,if the only OF you want to get are guys you can't afford.

1. To be a playoff team again the Sox need more health, better defense, more speed and power and to trade money to spend money.

You say reset but you're talking another rebuild in the time we were supposed to be competing for championships for 10 years . While the position players core has sucked , the pitching hasn't. Lynn was good until he got hurt. Giolito got Cy Young votes for 3 years, Cease 2nd place finish this year. Rodon had one great 60- 70 % season and promptly dumped. Keuchel in the short season was worthy of Cy Young votes. Kopech still has promise. Cueto came in when Lynn got hurt. Problem is the Sox pitching goodness has too spread out and inconsistent.

If the Sox can get some health luck and finally put players when they belong improvement on the fringes specially defense and speed can actually be a huge boost to the Sox and the only way to do that is identify fast young defensive MLB ready talent with offensive upside.

I find it odd that you think it's spent money or rebuild yet when I suggest MLB ready talent in their mid 20s with speed , defense and big power that would help the Sox on the fringes and also be the types u look for in a rebuild you generally crap on the idea.

Nothing great is going to happen with this team unless quite a few guys we already have step up. If they do ,I'd really like having, mid 20s MLB ready speed and defense in OF to help the pitching staff and energize the team and fans . I think Grifol is looking for the same thing .

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10 minutes ago, ChiSox59 said:

Somewhere, Cali is crying in his cereal. 

Nope . Depth piece better than Cespedes ,Rutherford . Not my problem if the Sox don't want to improve depth and Aquino goes where he gets paid.

My ideas were always meant to improve on the margins. This team has so many problems that marginal upgrades to defense, speed and depth are quite helpful. If you never understand that team building is a process and think that every off season move should make headlines then you are out of your depth talking about it.

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1 minute ago, Chicago White Sox said:

Just an FYI, but Rutherford (and Adolfo) are no longer in the org.

Thanks. I wasn't sure. Hard to keep track of if the Sox finally got rid of guys that have shown very little progress.OF depth at an all time low . Nothing left in the majors or AAA except Robert and the 3 non OF OFers , Sheets, Vaughn and Eloy. If Clevinger signs doesn't leave much money left to sign an OF .

Trades are the next move . Outman on my list. Stone Garrett still available . OF pieces still need at least 2 or 3 more besides Colas.

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19 hours ago, Bob Sacamano said:

Wasn’t sure where to post this, but has anyone else not seen any updates on Conforto? You would think we would have read about a showcase happening or being planned by now.

Too early for a showcase. He can let his shoulder heal and strengthen it for another 2 months if Boras desires. Declare it 100 % healed now but take your time signing. That's what I think will happen. We never get much truth from Boras about how he hurt it or how it may effect his game. Its nothing but blowing smoke up everyone's ass.

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