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It’s official - Getz named SVP & GM


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Just now, TheBooneLoganEra said:

Wow. It just keeps getting worse.

You thought “Good Guys Wear Black” was good? Just wait until 2024

”Wow. It just keeps getting worse.” *Season Ticket Plans are now available! 

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If Jerry truly means it's Getz's call on Pedro, prove you are worth something Getz, and fire him now. Do something fun like let Ozzie run the team the final month.

Re. Getz. Is he truly some special kind of leader/person? We all know he stunk as a baseball player at least MLB player. If Getz is special, fricking get to work and start figuring out ways to rid the team of the dead weight like Moncada and TA and Grandal. Also get rid of either Eloy or Vaughn. With the saved cash identify and sign some ballplayers.

It's ridiculous Jerry said he wanted Getz cause he didn't want another person to take a year to get acclimated. So stupid cause sadly this is not a one-year fix. And to all the LaRussa haters ... he at least got these bums to play .500 ball. .500 now seems many years away!

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2 minutes ago, Slayer12 said:

This statement alone just confirms the suck we will be stuck with. Were we ever going to get Ohtani...no... but to blatantly not even sound interested is ridiculous 

we aren't going to change how we operate, that would be ridiculous, but we are going to do the exact same thing.

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