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    Its pretty clear you are a troll looking at your posts, your shtick is to pretend to be an old timer. Not very original
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    He has been an average player the last couple years and was 4th on the 2018 white sox in fWAR. A 2 WAR player is an average starter and Yolmer has been that the last couple years. This statement does not excuse his play this year at all, his play this year has been ridiculously bad. It's not just a slow start - guys get off to a slow start with the bat sometimes even if they're doing everything right, but his defensive mental miscues make this something far worse. Either mentally or physically or both, he's not there at all right now. This is particularly disappointing, because if he was just doing the same thing as last year, there would already be teams calling about him. All he had to do was be a fundamentally sound, average infielder who can play several positions. The Yankees could use another of those right now. But of course, somehow, lack of preparation or poor coaching or poor focus - always has to screw over our franchise.
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    Yolmer's best trait is being a clown with a Gatorade bucket.
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    He would provide as much value to the future at 2B as Yolmer.
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    We should be fair to Yolmer...he's not used to being on base so forgot what to do
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    I have never seen anything like that in my life. Wtf, Yolmer?
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    Wow this is like watching the Indians in Major league.. in the begining.
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    For those that weren't aware.
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    Most teams fire their hitting coach when the offense craters.
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    He even looked slow on the pop up he caught. His lateral movement is horrible this year.
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    Vaughn if he's there. If not, one of the next tier of college bats. Bishop/Stott/Bleday.
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    He won't be a better-than-prime Ichiro described in scenario a?
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    I never said he was the answer but I’d rather see him play over Yolmer. I haven’t spun anything.
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    If your expectation is for him to hit .340, you are a bit insane and unrealistic.
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    I'll be happy with a HBP or catcher's interference.
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    On the bright side Robert and Madrigal went a combined 7/8 at the top of the Dash lineup today.Robert's OPS is over 1.500
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    Yolmer Sanchez owns a .653 career OPS. He is making $4.625 million this year and is literally a non-tender candidate next offseason but I expect him to be traded for peanuts before the deadline. The Sox will not miss him. A guy like Jose Rondon makes Yolmer a complete waste of $4 million dollars because he is younger and has more cheap salary arbitration years left. I truly do not understand the love for Yolmer. Is it because his best tool/skill is dumping Gatorade on his own head?!?
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    Heblows outhit by Davis. Sad.
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    He's one of those guys where his antics are ok when he is playing well, but it gets old when he's shitting the bed
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    Hopefully. It’s pretty much clockwork that by mid to late April he creates a new thread complaining about Abreu and then Abreu goes on a tear almost immediately after.
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    We are 11 games into a 162 game season. My sincere advice to boarders who are (understandably) extraordinarily frustrated is to not get wedded to a doom and gloom board persona wherein you are rationalizing your position that everything sucks for the remainder of this season. They might break out versus the Yanks this weekend. They might next week. Let's all just relax and let it happn. Certainly, at some point, they're going to go through a stretch where they play much much better baseball than this. There's no pressure on this team from a record standpoint - so who cares how many wins and losses we have? Silver linings are in a bunch of places - Gio's first start Rodon's first AND second start Moncada/Eloy/Anderson's great starts Even identifying things like "Palka is a sure fire NON major leaguer" is way better than him dabbling with 20 home runs and a 0.8 WAR to have him hang around. Same goes for a player like Yolmer. The sooner we move on from placeholders, the better place we will be in medium term. I'm gonna give it 30 games. I suggest everyone think about doing the same.
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    Exactly. The White Sox have been irrelevant for 10+ years now. They embarked on a rebuild that the fans bought into, because their old ways of doing business was piss poor and led to crappy records and uninspiring on-field performances. They set themselves up perfectly for this 2019 offseason to connect on a generational talent to expedite this rebuild, and got bogged down by $50 million. Pathetic. The dagger in all of this is that they probably were being ridiculously presumptuous in believing guys like Bogaerts or Arenado would be there the next winter.... NOPE! I've already heard Hahn mention, "When the time comes, we will eventually start looking to trade some of our prospect depth to acquire outside talent". Welp, so much for prospect depth and development. Due to their shortcomings, the White Sox will go back to their old ways of doing business. Not good! White Sox fans deserve better. JR is out of touch with the reality of modern baseball an KW and Hahn are bad at their jobs. For every good move they make, and there has been a few, they probably have made 2-3 bad moves. Not a good ratio if you ask me.
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