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    Doesn't always result in a World Series, just ask Detroit. They are just staring at the Miggy contract like a slow countdown to freedom
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    Dombrowski would trade the future for the now. Don't get impatient now. Personally I think Hahn has done a great job building what looks like a powerhouse with just a few more key player added this offseason.
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    Abreu is up to 30 homers and 111 RBIs. Are you bleeping me? Do you folks realize how impressive this is for a team as bad as the White Sox? I'd like to ask somebody if a Jose appreciation thread is appropriate? I think it is. Being that most realize Jose is one of my favorite Sox of all time I probably should not go there and start one lest I get accused of inciting his detractors and put on vacation. So I'd just like to say, 111 RBIs. Albert Belle once had 152 for the Sox which is insane. 30 HRS; Belle once had 49. Jose has earned his paycheck this season, folks. I hope Jose got a loud long ovation Saturday night for homer No. 30. I'm thinking the fans who go to games appreciate him. It has to be fun to watch him bat when you pay good money for a game.
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    Calhoun seems like a good fit, but with their history, he definitely comes here and hits like .210, not as many homers as this year. Goes somewhere else and has a similar season to this one lol
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    I have to agree with you. ARe you supposed to make a title intentionally boring so it's not click worthy. Calling something clickbait on here is comical. I read most threads regardless of the title . Nothing here is clickbait. Our titles are not generating the thread starter any revenue.
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    It's a dumb title on a fucking message board, get over yourself.
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    Jose has vaulted past Devers and opened up a lead in the AL RBI race. He has set a new career RBI record which he will keep adding to. Combined with TA's AL leading BA, we have seen some outstanding individual offensive performances this season.
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    No way. The 80s logos are dated. It was cute for a while, but the current look is a modern classic. The 05 team wore the modern look. It should stay.
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    I am hoping Mendick continues to play well and replaces Sanchez in '20. He can be the starting 2nd baseman until we bring up Madrigal. Then he moves to the bench and subs for SS, 2nd, and 3rd.
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    If it results in a WS, I am all for it.
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    Yes, it's nice when accountability exists in an organization. Though I think that this has to do with them knowing something about Chris Sale that the public doesn't.
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    Boston is amazing. Expectations are high. The team is run the exact opposite of the White Sox.
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    Congrats, Jose on another fine season. It's a pleasure to watch you play on mlb.com. Hope the Sox give you a fair offer and you accept it. That can wait. For now ... nice age 32 season, sir!
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    Pretty soon we can have our own Crime Scene Investigation program...
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    Pittsburgh Steelers from 1933 to 1971 won a total of zero playoff games. The next eight years they went to the playoffs 8 times and won 4 Super Bowls. Art Rooney owned the team the whole time. The past is not the future. If you can't get excited about what's happening now with the White Sox future there's really no point in being a White Sox fan.
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    The only way you'll make him happy is if you provide photographic proof of you bowing to and kissing the feet of Rick Hahn. He loves Hahn
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    2.4 fWAR with a -15.1 on defense
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    Weren't the big teams pretty much in the penalty that year during the Robert sweepstakes? It was the perfect storm for the Sox. I remember it was us or the Cardinals that were going to get him (and if I'm not mistaken he had a better offer from the Cardinals but chose the Sox cause of the Cubans).
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    Cool, Castillo got 25 million more if you include the tax. This portrayal of robert as if he was ohtani (who would have netted about 150 million if he waited) is pretty comical. So everyone knew robert was elite and going to be amazing but no MLB team wanted to pay him 50+ plus arbitration for 7 years of service? Yeah, ok bud.
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    I'm beyond done with the 83 unis so if this replaces them it'd be a welcome change.
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    TIL that Jorge Soler has 37 HR and 96 RBI before September 1.
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    Prior to the Gleybar Torres deal, the addison russell for Jeff Samardjiza deal was always used as this standard that people felt they could get. It was super influential in a number of ways: - Sending out players with more control - Jumping the line for deadline deals to increase return - Packaging players to get a better singular prospect At the time Russell was a top 10 prospect. Then the sox traded for Samardjiza. JS was fine but the As again got knocked out in wildcard game. And they shipped him off in the offseason for a package of decent but unheralded prospects from the sox. We all know this. We have harped on "oh sox suck, they let go a great SS" etc. But I just actually sat back and thought about how Billy Beane is still running a damn good ship out in oakland. In reality he turned what would have been 7 WAR of cheap production from Russell/McKinney (among other things) into: - 2.2 WAR from Samardjiza - 14 WAR from Marcus Semien - 1 WAR from Phegley - 4 WAR from Bassit Returned - 21.2 WAR Gave Up: 7 WAR 14 WAR return And yet more talk about the cubs side of that trade than the As. That was a friggen great series for Beane.
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