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    God imagine this post before he got called up.
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    At THIS POINT, it is hard to not give this deadline an D/F. Hernandez has been worthless. Kimbrell has been horrid. Tepera has been good. No RF added.
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    Amazing how different people are. I challenge you to listen to a pod of either of the two and tell me you didn't appreciate their comments/views. Have you ever listened to either? I don't think either are trying to inflame anybody and I listen to both. Yes they express differing views from the norm. That doesn't mean they are evil. Not sure why people think differing opinions are so bad. Whitlock's sidekick, uncle Jimmy, recently was out 2 weeks with SEVERE covid. They had good discussions on it upon Jimmy's return. Jimmy was in BAD SHAPE for a while in the hospital w/covid. I don't think he revealed if he was vaxxed or not. I think both are keeping it private.
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    Yeah, I admittedly didn't take a deep dive into Codi's Cubs numbers, but he's still been just a serviceable as Kimbrel. I'll certainly take Kimbrel over Heuer for the 2021 playoffs. But still just a huge overpay, and I remain confident that Codi is going to be a very nice backend reliever for a long time, and we controlled him for peanuts.
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    The only good thing about the timing of this is the playoff games aren't on the regional nbc sports networks
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    The last two weeks of the season are essentially a long playoff with a lot of incredibly exciting games. Expansion never made sense - aside from the obvious reason of more dollars. I really hope they keep it the way it is, but I'm not hopeful.
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    100%, if they expand to more playoff teams they might as well shorten the season to 100 games or so because it would be the most drawn out, boring thing in this game.
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    …and why they shouldn’t expand the playoffs. These games matter, and if they went to 8 in each league permanently, they’d be ignored.
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    Actually Cesar was brought in so Leury wouldn’t be an every day starter at 2nd, yet Leury has vastly outplayed Cesar since the trade. Kimbrel was brought in to stabilize the bullpen due to lack of a RH set up man and our failures in the 8th inning. He has done neither of those.
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    This is just fodder to create drama by the media and fans buy into it. Some of the theories are ridiculous. Tony on the other hand is always an asshole when his players get hit. I still haven't forgotten he started an incident when Thigpen accidentally hit one of the A's players in the head.
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    Yeah, SlingTV was 25 and included NBC Sports Chicago a couple of years back. I was more than happy. Now you're telling me a $65 package is needed?? Wasn't youtube tv 50 before? Slingtv got rid of nbc sports, and now it's 10 dollars more too. I have the Disney bundle, but you just know that price will go up soon too. Now, I borrow a family member's cable subscription to use the nbc sports app and HBO Max while sharing Netflix, Disney, etc., but you just know that they'll eventually lock the location you can use them in someday also. This is literally reverting back to just being just like cable. Bullshit.
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    Vaughn looks like an easy out for the past several weeks against better RH pitchers, and he will see a few in Houston. The excuses for him have gotten old. (i.e., Stone reminding how he was forced to play outfield and how hard Vaughn hits balls that are caught for routine outs). There are a lot of outfielders that hit .237 with 15 HR in their rookie year. So what? Vaughn can make everyone forget his struggles over the last month or so with a couple of clutch hits in the playoffs. Pump a three run homer for a White Sox play-off win and Vaughn will be the toast of the town. Not many recall what Scotty Pods hit for average in 2005, but that WS game 2 winning home run won't be forgotten anytime soon. The playoffs are time for champions to rise above the rest. Who are the players that can meet that challenge?
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    It sucks that I can't watch the postgame show on MLB.tv
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    Sports are literally the only reason I have kept COmcast around.
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    89 wins. I, personally, would not include mike wright on the postseason roster.
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    Ask me again in November. Then ask me again in June. Then ask me again in 2023.
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    The funny thing is he had a much lower FIP with the Sox (3.68), than he has had with the Cubs (4.39) even though his ERA with the Cubs had been lower (5.12 Sox vs 3.25 Cubs). His strikeouts have collapsed with the Cubs 17 in 27 innings vs 39 in 38.2 IP with the Sox. His walks have also jumped 13 in 27 IP with Cubs vs 10 in 38.2 IP for Sox. His BABIP is .234 with the Cubs, and was .367 with the Sox.
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    Well, if they allow the first two teams in each division in, 77-79 Cleveland is in, and the incredible AL race is down to Oakland @ Seattle, two teams which shouldn't even be in the playoffs, and there would be no legitimate NL race for about two weeks. If you turn the season into a 100, 154, 162 or whatever exhibition season to add a couple dozen playoff games, you cheapen the product to the point that you lose long term revenue because it will accelerate the loss of fans (attendance and TV) and you won't come close to making it up with the added TV playoff revenue. Owners don't give a shit, because they have been running the sport like Phillip Morris for four decades at this point. May as well have a 40 game schedule, 20 Cubs @ White Sox , 20 White Sox @ Cubs, followed by playoffs. It's all meaningless anyway.
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    Engel not in the lineup again though.
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    Nevermind check out this press release below. Peacock Premium doesn’t include the regional sports networks. https://thestreamable.com/news/is-peacock-enough-to-replace-nbc-programming-sports-if-it-s-dropped-by-youtube-tv
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    Everything that has happened thus far is basically totally irrelevant. These guys were brought in to do one thing, help the team win playoff games. Let's talk again after the World Series. Would I feel better about if they came out gangbusters? Sure, but it still wouldn't make an actual difference. Grade - Incomplete
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    Can't be second in GIDP if you aren't getting a lot of guys on base.
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    Imagine there's a giant routlette wheel with 999 black spaces and 1 red space. You can bet on either color, but even though the odds are very different, you win the same amount if you win your bet. However, if you lose your bet, the people closest to you also lose their bet even if they bet on the winning color. Now imagine that they guy next to you tells you that he's betting on red because he knows someone who bet on black and lost. Except that he doesn't actually know someone who bet on black and lost, but he read a post shared by someone on Facebook that claimed that someone bet on black and lost, but nobody has actually verified that this happened. The unvaccinated are the people betting on red, and people betting on something with odds that bad do not need nor deserve to have anyone being a voice for them or having empathy for them.
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    One thing about Robert is that he's only now completing a full major league season and spread over two years at that. At this point in his career, I prefer Robert at either #2 or #5, but as a lot of scouts and analysts have said - a manager can hit Robert in almost any slot with good results. Lineup construction has been a hot topic ever since the advent of Sabermetrics which significantly alters the more traditional lineup placeholders and the traits one wants in each slot. The arguments about the topic continue and there are some people that provide long term stats showing that there really isn't much difference between traditional batting orders and Metric-tweaked lineups. There are numerous sites that go through all this and the OP has probably seen them, but this is a betting site that lays out a few of the ideas on the subject: https://www.sportsbettingdime.com/guides/strategy/batting-order-sabermetrics/
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