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2023 MLB offseason signings and rumors thread


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8 minutes ago, TheFutureIsNear said:


Could be worse things to gamble on to help the rotation right? Try to recreate magic with the 2023 version of Cueto

As long as he didn’t do what Clevinger did, do it. Or bring in the other free agents out there to fill the void.

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1 hour ago, EloyJenkins said:

Wacha wants 2 years, 30 million apparently. Makes sense why he hasn't signed yet...and most likely he holds out a bit more until someone either gives in or gets desperate due to injury. Won't happen with Sox at that price. 


Buried in Nightengale around the league section

I wouldn't be mad about giving him a 2 year deal (under the impression Clevinger does not throw a pitch) but the Sox don't have the budget space to sign him at that amount (or any amount really). Having more certainty for '24 wouldn't be bad either.

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On 1/27/2023 at 8:47 AM, A-Train to 35th said:

I decided today to cancel my Comcast Sports package because there's not a team in Chicago I care to waste my time watching.

Unfortunately Comcast has you by the b*lls, they have 3 plans, (10, 125, or 185 channels) and  in order to cancel the sports package you have to go to the basic package which is a deal breaker.

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5 minutes ago, Tnetennba said:



Chicago White Sox

Grade: F

There was a litany of supplementary ways the White Sox could improve the roster, but their primary needs were left fielder, second base and filling the last spot of their rotation. Currently, they’re lined up to rely on internal options for second base, and the starting pitcher they signed is the subject of a league investigation into stomach-turning domestic violence and child abuse allegations, bringing disgrace upon a franchise that has had too many stories of personal misconduct in recent years. They probably can’t expect him to cover many innings either, given where things currently stand. The Andrew Benintendi signing is good. — James Fegan


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