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Sox trade Cristian Mena to Arizona for OF Dominic Fletcher


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2 hours ago, Bob Sacamano said:

The only guys I can think of that the Sox could dfa to make room for MiLB signings are some of the older guys who may not have long-term value like Banks (he's 32) and Scholtens but they have options. I'm also not really sure if they would get picked up or not. Lambert and Peralta (just meh guys really) too I guess. Also depends on if Shane Drohan makes the team out of Spring Training I guess.

Both Martin and Foster will likely hit the 60-day IL coming back from TJ. That will help add two more guys.

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McCarthy already 26 but with control through 2028…1 pre arb and 4 arbitration years.

Obviously his 2022 rookie season fWAR of 2.4 and being left-handed stand out.  Negative defensive numbers in the outfield.

Only a net of 0.1 fWAR in 99 games this past season, that would have fit right in w/ the Sox at least.

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One thing worth pointing out is that Arizona’s AAA site (Reno) is super offensive friendly and anyone even worth the slightest damn absolutely crushes there.  Accordingly, Jake McCarthy put up some fantastic numbers there (better than Fletcher), but has been a very ordinary hitter in the majors so far.  Not looking to throw more shade at this move, but Dominic’s AAA numbers are somewhat meaningless without additional context, especially the power figures.

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