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ELOY HURT! (3/25 Update: Torn Pectoral Tendon, Out 5-6 months))


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1 hour ago, BrianAnderson said:

If it truly is a year ending injury I'd still stay the course. Leury, Engel, etc. aren't terrible replacements, especially with how Engel has loooked of late. That said, Eaton is also the type of guy to get hurt. I'd go with a band-aid in Cespedes & then make some calls to guys like Nick Markakis and see if he'd want to come out of retirement. You don't need a ton from that position seeing the rest of our lineup. Guys like Kevin Pillar come available at the deadline for super cheap usually and probably even more so this year. You could easily scoop a guy like Avi Garcia up in a pinch. All in all, we should be fine. This is the freakout phase, but don't worry. If it's like 4 months? 5 months? Gives enough time for him to be back for the postseason, otherwise it's a lost year. Our young pitching was never going to hold up to the rigors of a full season and postseason to hang with a Padres or Dodgers. Let's just have a productive year, win some games and get some experience. 


This kind of thinking finally lead a long time lurker to make his first post.  The Sox front office and ownership group does not get to kick the can down the road another year. I was an anti-rebuild guy and I'm tired of being told to be patient. The Sox threw away multiple seasons on tank jobs. It is year 5 of the rebuild. It is time to make some serious noise and go on a World Series run this year. Enough is enough. 

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7 minutes ago, fathom said:

I don’t buy Vaughn in LF at all. Look no further than the lineup today....if it was a real option, he’d be out there today.

Good call Dick Tracy, where'd you park the cop car? 



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8 minutes ago, BrianAnderson said:


They had to chip in for Arenado .... they'd have to pay like 70% of the salary of Blackmon for us to take it on and we'd give back NOTHING.

That Arenado deal was many times more expensive than Blackmon's deal.  And Arenado was also coming off of a bad year.  Blackmon is still Blackmon.


21.5M in 2021

21M in 2022 (player option)

10M in 2023 which can reach as high as 18M based on performance (player option)

That's 52.5M guaranteed and could go to as high as 60.5M IF both POs are exercised

OTOH Grandal is owed 18.25M from 21-23 which is 54.75 so as of now it's a bit higher

Regardless we're talking about a couple of guys who aren't far from being DHs.  Blackmon is a better fit for this team by far right now.

Of course if this deal could be done with the Rockies picking up some money in 2022 and 2023 that's even better.

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13 minutes ago, Tony said:

Vaughn in LF makes the most sense, quite frankly.

You're in a shitty spot now. The biggest downside is Vaughn also hurts himself playing a position he isn't comfortable with, or just really struggles and it carries over to the plate. 

But what if he thrives in LF? Then all the sudden Eloy can take over DH long-term, and you solve two problems. 


1 minute ago, fathom said:

Best case scenario is Vaughn does well out there and can stay there for years to come.

You are a thief. 

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2 minutes ago, Dick Allen said:

I have never seen anyone tear their pec hanging over the fence. Normally, that would classify it a fluke injury. But I don't think there is a fluke injury for Eloy.

As I said he must be really tight muscularly for it to happen like that. That is the position it happens but it takes a lot of force. If he just didn't jump high enough, his shoulder wouldn't have been over the wall. 

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