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KW/Hahn - They Gone


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1 minute ago, joejoesox said:

I should bump all the posts I made the last 5 years saying if we stop going to games and spending money on the Sox, change will happen and being ridiculed for it


"Not going to games isn't gonna get anyone fired!"

*Sox set a record decrease in attendance in 2023*

*Both top execs fired*

Congrats, You did it!

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8 minutes ago, South Side Fireworks Man said:

Wow!  Didn't see that coming so soon!  Now JR should hire Theo Epstein or someone like that to run everything.  But he'll probably just promote/hire some other incompetent cronies to take their places.

Why the negativity? 

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1 minute ago, HOFHurt35 said:

Go ahead then, but you're missing out on the bigger picture here.   THIS IS HUGE WHAT JUST HAPPENED RIGHT NOW.   HUGE!

I'm with you! If we were all at a bar right now, it'd be all high-fives and chest-bumps 😆

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For what it's worth just got this from my source who had dinner with JR and everyone last Wednesday. I mentioned that if either Haber or Getz were named the permanent G.M. nothing would really change.

I am VERY encouraged by this comment:

"Based I what I heard him (JR) say at dinner last week I would be shocked if either one (Haber or Getz) remains let alone get that job. My understanding is they are both part of the problem." 



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