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    Why waste the service time? I would've waited until the June after next
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    No one is responding because 80% of the board has you on ignore.
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    Narrator: It was, in fact, hyperbole
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    You don't get to play this card, you are the one that brought your unsolicited opinions to the board and you are the intolerant one on the board. My best friend is homosexual and I trust him with my life and I would appreciate if you would keep your incredibly wrong and hateful opinions to yourself for the entirety of your continued membership to this site.
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    One of those nights where losing my dad hurts even more. He would have fucking loved that game. Glad I could share it with all of you
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    You gotta get that “F” key fixed.
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    You're a Cubs fan though. I was asking the Sox fans here.
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    Did peavy44 confirm anything yet?
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    Oh man, there has to be a section in the stands that dresses up like nerds and is called "The AV Club"
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    I'm not sure why it matters and how it pertains to Vaughn but this is what I know: Andrew Dalquist doesn't graduate high school until next week and can't sign until then. He's significantly overslot. 22nd rounder Logan Glass is waiting to sign but he's signing. They can't do it until the top 3 are officially signed. I've heard they have agreements with all 4 though. Not sure what the holdup is
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    Will he have his signature half can of dip in his lip when he is up to bat? The same way that he does it with the White Sox, which is illegal in Chicago might I add. Hopefully he chooses to be a better role model during the all Star game
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    It's similar to how someone will post something good about madrigal or yoan and you'll follow up with some comment about tatis or Manny. No, you're point may not be wrong but its unnecessary, adds nothing to the conversation and is merely made to be a negative dunce and talk down other peoples enjoyment and fun. I hope you find some happiness bud.
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    Can you ever admit you were wrong ? Your post said at the time he was acquired he was struggling. Then you move the goal posts and say the previous 3 years.
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    Palka is awful. Amazing how many sox fans still think he is worthy of a mlb roster spot
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    i got to say tho, TA be a bit of a diva. if that was Moncada he would have spit on it and tried to play until jose talked him out of it.
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    Yonder from being killed in a car accident to now being Hero. I love baseball!
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    Who cares? It was tasteless.
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    Which is code for ERA inflammation.
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    Its probably why I get tired of the constant b****ing during game threads. I watch this shit for enjoyment, not to find another thing to b**** about in my life
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    If Cooper remains pitching coach, might need to get netting in front of the outfield bleachers as well
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    Yeah, this makes sense. Too many people have been drilled by foul balls recently.
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    Does it decrease the risk of a child seriously injured or dying? If the answer is yes, why are we debating?
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