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    The guy has been a professional since we signed him. He's done nothing but hit with shitty teams and no protection around him. Everybody complained about the extension, and he's as good as ever this year with some actual talent around him. Keep it up, Jose. You've been great. P.S. Suck it, Ron.
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    I hope they don't play. Bigger than sports.
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    Kopech still here...✅ Vaughn still here...✅ Madrigal still here...✅ Dunning still here...✅ I’m good!
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    It's two games, which followed an amazing comeback. Which capped off an amazing run that included a no-hitter, 4 straight homers, Abreu murdering the Cubs, Dunning's emergence, Anderson establishing his stardom, Eloy moonlighting as a landscaper, and more. Moncada is clearly not feeling well, Bummer is out, Vaughn and other prospects are still developing. Yes, this team has holes, but unless you're the Dodgers, every team has holes. This is year one of the window. The sky isn't falling.
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    Hopefully they resign James McCann. I think he needs to be a bigger priority than what people are saying he will actually be. Figure it out, he's a major reason this team is where it is.
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    Everyone last week: Moncada clearly isn't right, take advantage of the off days and sit him against the Pirates and Royals so he can be ready for the Twins series. Ricky: He's fine, I know what I'm doing. Moncada: Misses the Twins series because of said injury.
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    Don't want to be Debbie Downer here, but I think it's important to be said. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this thread being created, and there is a lot of good stuff in here already, it should continue. But I also feel like as Sox fans, we are conditioned to sort of make these topics half way through the season, or on September 1st, because next year is all we have to talk about. I just want to make sure everyone enjoys what is happening right now. I know they haven't won anything yet, but in a lot of ways this is the most fun we will ever have with this team. They are young, hungry and full of potential. If we are lucky enough to see them put it together for a World Series run, we'll all be thrilled and have memories for a life time. But then their is a target on their back, the expectations rise to enormous heights, and every loss feels like the end of the world even more. Enjoy every second of what we are watching right now. The come up is often times the best part of the dynasty. The 2009 Blackhawks were such a blast to watch, it was such a surprise. A lot of Cubs fans will tell you the same thing about the 2015 Cubs (save the dumb jokes). This season could be very, very special and that's where I'm putting my attention right now (and also re-signing McCann to a 12 year extension for 40 billion dollars)
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    Not to get too deep with it up but personally I've been through alot in 2020 and the Sox are proving life is joyous as well as tragic. Prolly more than a few in a similar boat. 2005 vibes.
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    Honestly, fuck off man. I normally find your schtick somewhat amusing but you're accusing a leader of your own team who is making history right now of taking steroids. With all sincerity, GTFO of here until you can unfuck your head.
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    Rodon to the IL in the slightly more distant future.
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    Stay strong NOT Steve
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    Ok someone has to say it. Congrats to Rick Renteria .
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    You think Phil Rogers will suggest Giolito straight up for Lynn now
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    Abreu going to tag one here
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    Around the league, there are a lot of guys putting up awful numbers right now. Gary Sanchez, Javy Baez., Cody Bellinger, Altuve, Semien... Chances are, EE isn’t a .156 hitter and Mazara actually has some pop. Odds are overwhelming that James McCann isn’t suddenly a .350 hitter. Ride the hot streaks, but usually things come back to or at least pretty close to the mean. The guys slumping will heat up, the guys on fire will cool off a bit. No need to panic .
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    If the Sox had to trade Kopech or Cease or Vaughn to get Lynn or Clevinger, I am glad they are standing pat, if that is what they are doing.
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    It probably is. That said you don't know everything. The smartest guy in the room act is comical.
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    All of the sudden we’re good and people want to give away long term great players for mediocre short term help. please no
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    I award you zero points, and my god have mercy on your soul. You just said that Abreu was roiding this weekend. GTFO.
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    I like how Jose — a ROY, 2x Silver Slugger, and 3x All-Star — having a good season is so unfathomable to you that you have to interject steroids into the story line, yet you believe a career minor leaguer at age 27 is some super slugger extraordiare.
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    I just want Robert to hit another ball that will make me believe that yes, if someone was sitting in that seat they would be dead.
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    Maybe Steve Stone can help him focus on a triangle or something. Anything at this point to help.
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