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    Man, what a lovely video from Kenny. Say what you want about Reinsdorf and how conservative he is with free agents and draft picks, it makes me proud to cheer for a team that won the World Series with a Black GM and a Venezuelan manager, that is by far MLB's leader when it comes to charities and outreach to the community, that has a super strong ACE program, that is represented by diverse, caring people like Anderson, Giolito, and Eloy. They don't give rings for that stuff, but it's a big reason I'm a Sox fan. Compare that to rooting for the Ricketts.
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    Nah, you're just an ass for free
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    Abreu is signed through 2022. Vaughn won't be in the Bigs until 2021 at the earliest. Eloy can hold down LF for 2 more seasons. Not to mention, according to you, baseball is cancelled until 2023.
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    You have never engaged in an honest and open discussion. You have never acknowledged anything despite all of your pretending to not understand things that just happened to all fall along a single partisan line. If you ever want to drop the dumb greg act there are plenty of people who will engage you in an open and honest exchange. Until then don't come in here and demand satisfaction on some point while pretending to have been a full intellectual participant in this discussion. The day you drop the greg act, and actually act like the real person you actually are people will treat you with a real level of respect again. Until then, take your demands and stick them with the rest of the trash.
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    This stands to get the White Sox valuable playoff experience in a developmental season where they otherwise might not have gotten it. That's really all I care about.
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    Greg’s schtick is stupid. There are thousands of better ways to spend your time.
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    When you speak in absolutes, multiple times, in the same thread, expect to get called out for it when you're wrong. You were wrong.
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    This is fantastic. Mike Shirley came in, big dick swinging.
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    This, and we simply got bored with it. We're so selfish, so entitled, so self-serving, a disruption in our daily lives couldn't be tolerated for any longer, our health and safety be damned. It makes me so angry to think about how we are actually living in Idiocracy.
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    You already bailed on the Sox once to become a Padres fan, that lasted less than a year, and here you are. But cool story.
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    This is powerful. I watched the whole thing. This is coming from someone who is both rich and well known. He has the benefit of a Stanford education, and has risen to the top of his profession, and he still tells the same stories about how he is treated. This is way bigger than don't break the law and the cops won't kill you. This isn't work hard and go to school and you will be treated the same. It destroys a lot of the myths that we tell people today.
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    My God, just go away. Please.
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    It's not frustrating at all. This was never going to be some free agent signing frenzy that for some reason people thought it would be. They have until Aug 1 to sign players. There is no rush. The only players signed are sr signs and a couple dumbass high schoolers. Fear not. They will sign guys you've never heard of and will never hear from again.
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    Some of you must have sore backs carrying water for the owners. There is so much supposition on this thread, without having any facts in evidence. We all want to have MLB on TV this year. But I can't feature the socialization of losses for a group of @ssh0les that have all the advantages that MLB owners have. Carry on, then...
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    The Wynn is opening up their buffet next week. Head to Vegas, take all the selfies you want....even stick you balls in the jello. Will that cheer you up?
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    He should have said lit as fuck.
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    I will take a huge upside 2nd round pick over two or three average picks 100 percent of the time
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    Ray speaking in absolutes again has me pretty confident that they'll get Crochet signed underslot now.
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    J.K. is a horse. This nugget is crazy. 👀
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    excited to see us draft @fathom, @SoxAce and @hi8is with our remaining three picks
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    Whats with you having to compare all draft prospects to failed White Sox picks?
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    The injury stuff is being greatly exaggerated. He has some soreness so Tennessee shut him down to protect him in his draft year. That's what good college programs do. If they knew the season was going to be 4 weeks long he would have pitched from the onset. The only other injury was when he was hit in the face with a comebacker. He was back on the mound in 2 weeks pitching with a plate in his broken jaw. This is a tough kid. He's also extremely smart. He's a freakin nuclear engneering major. I love everything about what they would be getting here.
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    I at least like swinging for the fences rather than playing it safe. I know it was ages ago, but this is the same franchise that took Broadway and McCullough in back to back years, maybe the “safest” picks of all-time and we saw where it got them. Roll the dice, try and really cash in with your best assets. Don’t hate it
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