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    Any idea if the Sox have started negotiating a long term deal with Mercedes to buy out a couple years of free agency? I’d love to see him retire in a White Sox jersey but I fear we won’t be able to keep him past arbitration years unless we get something done soon.
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    Damn we DFA’d our 5 hitter?!
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    First gamethread of the year without fathom making a single post and the Sox score 8 runs and no hit the opposition. 🤔 Mods - I think you know what needs to be done!
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    I can't for the life of me figure out how a Sox fan could be so upset after a win. What a miserable way to be a fan.
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    This is personal for you, eh? Wowzers.
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    My friend was the Nissan raffle tonight... he won a new car!!!
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    My God, do we really need this thread every other day?
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    That lineup was designed to lose against one of our biggest rivals. How in the actual bloody fucking hell can you justify to the paying fans a lineup that does NOT include Yermin Mercedes? How can you justify it to Giolito? The fans obviously enjoy Mercedes, yet people showed up today and were treated to Nick Williams and Jake Lamb. What? Why would I even watch that crap, let alone pay money for a ticket and parking and spend my entire night watching that crap... in the 10th inning as well. The White Sox are quickly becoming something I care less about watching, and it didn't take very long. Good thing because I have other things I am happy to spend most of my evenings on. Also, I probably won't ever shutup about this but... thank you Eloy Jimenez for being a dumb fucking ass and taking yourself out of this lineup for the entire year. I know people want to blame management for believing he is a LF, but the guy should know that he should not be trying to rob HRs in Spring Training, or probably ever. Catch the balls and make the plays you can. But nooooooo, he's going to prove that he can be a great defensive player! And whoops, now he's injured for the year and his teammates act like he fucking died. You know why they act that way Eloy? Because they NEED YOUR BAT AND YOU SOLD ON YOUR TEAM. I believe Yoan will figure it out. Heck, I even believe Madrigal will eventually figure it out. But Mendick should, without a doubt, be getting the majority of time at 2B until Madrigal can string together some at bats that don't include weak groundouts. Make the kid work for it, because right now he is getting it easier than Vaughn (why?) and he is playing substantially worse. Where's the Tylenol?
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    Just a reminder we could have had AJ Hinch but Reinsdorf hasn't died yet.
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    Because this is our manager.
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    I've been a White Sox fan for many years, and many times I've heard the phrase "don't worry, it's early." It's early now, but it's not too early to worry about this team. Grandal is bad, and Vaughn should be in the minors. LaRussa is the wrong man for the job. This is not good.
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    Zack Collins work behind the plate can not go unnoticed. The guy called a remarkable game for Rodon. Couldn't be happier for him.
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    Remember when people wanted to send madrigal down. Dumbasses
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    Try not to question a HOF baseball person
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    More convinced than ever that Kenny is his dad.
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    Time for Hahn to go all "moneyball" and just DFA Nick Williams and Jake Lamb. "Sorry, Tony, you can't start those guys tonight....they're no longer on the team"
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    I was winder where they ranked after 1 home game during an attendance limited season
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    Where have I seen this before? Y'all just cursed Yermin.
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    The closest hitter we’ve had to this caliber in my lifetime is Jose Abreu. It would be nice to have Yermin around after Jose retires to give Trout some competition for MVP on a yearly basis.
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    They haven’t even played their best baseball yet and have the third highest run differential in the AL. While fans focused on the negatives over the first week, it’s apparent to me that this is the most talented White Sox team since the 90s.
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