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    Like, how many nanoseconds slower would you say you noticed with your naked eyes? 3 nanoseconds? More? Less?
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    because there's no fucking testing dude. it's that simple. christ, it's like wondering why you couldn't really measure MLB defense before any sort of objective standard. what I've read is that it's pretty hard to actually spread the disease despite the long period of being contagious. You need aerosol drops in the face. So wash hands, avoid intimate contact in public, and don't fucking touch your face. When possible, avoid crowds. If you can, work from home. Blah blah blah. We'll be good in a few months. Listen to the scientists.
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    Your posts are garbage here. First, your assumption (in other post) that the vast majority of us are going to get it may be true, but it's not about that. It's about stretching that timeline out so hospitals can compensate with it. We know we are likely going to get it, but if we do get it, we want proper health to back it up. We won't get that if it all commences instantly like it did in Italy and the hospitals can't help. Now you are suggesting us to shrug our shoulders with death. Like, ah, who cares if some old people die, it's nature. We've been fighting off 'nature' our whole life, no reason to get pessimistic and downright hateful now. Some of those you speak about are our friends, family members, and others who simply aren't ready to die yet to a virus because the infrastructure wasn't in place to protect them.
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    Or FFS...it's the goddamn flu. This shit was going around out here in PHX well before Christmas and around Thanksgiving. It was a nasty lung bug...like viral pneumonia. Tons of people had it out here. I got it. My gal got it. Same symptoms as they're maniacally describing. Just out of control bullshit. Get a fuckin grip people. A little perspective: https://weather.com/health/cold-flu/news/2020-01-28-flu-more-deadly-than-coronavirus Hell...back on 2017 or so 80K in the US alone died of flu per the CDC. How many have died from this mania so far? 14? 22?
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    Such a dumb thread
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    That would be the 27 at bats he had where you weren't impressed? Please do yourself a favor and don't look at how Tim Anderson, Yoan Moncado, Jose Abreu, Eloy Jimenez, or Edwin Encarnacion did this spring...
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    Guys, I am an Uber Eats driver and my local area needs me now more than ever. I'm going to tell my customers that I'm planning on leaving their order on their front porch and communicating via phone or text. I will leave each order on their porch and will.leave after they wave to me to acknowledge the order has been received. I'm doing a deep cleaning of my car interior and will do so every day. I feel like going out there is an important public service. Wish me luck.
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    No, I think it was to call out the administration who has a news conference every day telling us how perfectly they are and have been attacking this. they are trying to get the Dow back in line. They got it to go up a few days ago with all the huge tax cut phoniness, then they rolled out this new website that is going to be a godsend, that turned out to be something that is still in early development by a company that doesn't have 1,700 employees, forget the 1,700 engineers the administration says it has working on, not meant to be what they claimed., They got to brag about how they set a stock market record on Friday, watch it go away this evening and tomorrow. We have been way too accepting of the lies as a nation. We have become too numb to them. This is a pandemic, spin and falsehoods don't work. Everyone knows a nurse or a doctor who says we are panicking, but isn't it better to err on the side of caution? Apparently people hate their grandparents and parents as many don't seem to care what this can do to them.
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    It really, really isn't. Only 37% of people got the flu vaccine? Well, that raises herd immunity, which right now is non-existent for COVID -19. Your selfishness and people in your mindset is a perfect representation of where we are as a society in the US. "Fuck you, I got mine." Boo hoo I can't watch sports or go to a concert for a few weeks. God forbid we try to save some lives for once. Social media is your straw man. Where did I say to panic? Just try to isolate ourselves for a little bit to slow it down so the men and women on frontlines of this don't need to work themselves to death to treat the sick and wounded. Also, this isnt the flu.
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    This is so surreal. This virus has killed but 37 people in the US and 4700 out of 8 billion worldwide, most of those in a country where new cases have leveled off. Because of that society is literally going on haitus before our eyes. The 9-11 aftermath wasn't even like this. I am not saying the panic is or isn't warranted, because its very real. Yet at the same time doesn't make sense. Its like there is something we aren't being told.
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    America's propensity towards individualism and selfishness is on full display with this outbreak. When Japan told people to stay home, they listened. South Korea? Same thing. American's response is "who are you to tell me what to do?" You staying home is not about protecting you; the majority of us are not at risk. We are being asked to stay home to protect societies most vulnerable. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices personally for the greater good of all. This is one of those times. As MQR has already laid out, this is a resource issue. There are only 924,000 hospital beds in the USA. Of those 924,000, 66% of them are taken up year round for general issues like cancer and things. That leaves a little over 300,000 beds for other unforseen issues. Coronavirus has a hospitalization rate of about 10-15%; let's say 10% and error on the low side. The projection is for between 40-70% of the world population to contract he virus over the next year; lets, again, estimate on the low side and say 30% of American's get it this year. That's over 100,000,000 people; if 10% of those people need to be hospitalized, we're talking about 10,000,000+ people. We don't have the infrastructure, or the health care resources, to accommodate that. Which means? Hospitals will be forced to make tough decisions that costs people their lives (This is ALREADY happening in Italy FYI). By quarantining, you are not trying to "stop" the virus. You are trying to delay the spread of the virus in a way that allows doctors to keep up with the work load; which allows everyone an equal shot at survival if they're vulnerable. That's the point of bans on big public spaces, and while the rest of the world says "do whatever is best, we need to contain this," American's are fluttering about calling it the "flu" and downplaying the risk because it doesn't impose a risk to them personally. Furthermore, the USA has a healthcare system issue in general; many people can't even afford to go to the doctor, and even more can't afford to miss work for 2 weeks in the name of staying safe and healthy. This will lead people into the work place with illnesses, expediting the spread. There is no vaccine for this; the vulnerable have no way of protecting themselves. Instead of thinking about you and the personal problems/sacrifices you have to make - minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things - think about the most vulnerable who have their lives at risk here. If the system is flooded, they can't receive proper treatment; if they can't receive proper treatment, they could die. This is not some small issue just because it doesn't effect you personally. This is a dangerous illness with no vaccine or cure. Show some compassion. I'll be sad when MLB plays games in empty stadiums - it will - but at the same time I understand it, and it's a sacrifice I'm absolutely willing to make for the better good of all.
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    "keep it together. keep it together. keep it together. keep it together. keep it together. keep it together."
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    Be still my heart! Awesome sequence, that had to feel incredible for him.
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    Up to there was fully correct.
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    I believe we have to take this seriously and quit with the denials. However, I also saw an example of overreaction and panic at my hometown grocery store this morning. There is nothing wrong with stocking up some, but this was absurd. People had their carts over filled. The store had to put a limit on purchasing toilet paper. (Although I can't blame people for stocking up on that.) The point is people were hoarding when I don't see a reason to. To my knowledge, there has been no concerns about grocery stores not getting merchandise. I figured I would have least a two-hour wait to get to check out. I didn't have that much, and it wasn't completely essential, so I put everything back and left without buying anything. Another reason I left is that some idiot in front of me was espousing conspiracy theories and I felt my blood pressure spike. I'm old enough to remember the energy shortages of the 1970s. Tensions ran high, and there was violence in gas station lines. We don't need a repeat of that. I'm all for what major league sports is doing at the moment, and I am for other safety measures. But we need a real national discussion so we can cope with the danger of this crisis. What was happening at the store was insane. If people overbuy, they are depriving others of buying. And it wasn't really good to have a huge crowd in that contained space. One more thing: present day conspiracy theories are giving other viable conspiracy theories a bad name. That's frustrating.
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    It is painful to inhabit a world where so many have zero care for anyone but themselves. The abuse of statistics here would be laughable if there weren't people literally dying because of this line of thinking.
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    Nice strawman fallacy. The point is - Why do you suddenly feel the need to shutdown the world over this and not... something like influenza? Which spreads to all corners of the country, infects and kills so many more than this on an annual basis? This is despite the fact that we have a vaccination for the flu. WHICH ONLY 37% of Americans even bother to take annually. Old people and other vulnerable populations are ALWAYS at risk. For EVERYTHING. CONVID-19 is NOT unique in that regard. The H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreak? Sixty million Americans infected, 300,000 hospitalized. It claimed an estimated 12,000 American lives. Did we halt the world? No. 1,600 have been hospitalized for Coronavirus in the US. 37 dead. WE HAVE HALTED THE WORLD. The difference between 2009 and 2020? Social media controls all of our information and is in our face 24 hours a day in the palm of our hands. Allowing you and the other herds of the masses to be totally sucked into this "PANIC! PANIC! PANIC!" mentality. I have two MD's in my family who are laughing at how absurd this all is. "Oh, no! Tom Hanks has it! Well, let's shutdown everything!". This is all a perfect representation of where we are at as a society. Sincerely, one day we will look back on this and hopefully learn something. This is preposterous.
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    The minor league season was scheduled to start on April 9th. That's also pushed back. Service time issues are interesting now. It could benefit the club with a guy like Nick Madrigal and hurt the club in Kopech's case. If they start the season around May 15th (that might be conservative at this point), Kopech should come up soon after. The year likely stays burned regardless. 1 full year of service is 172 days and this season likely won't even encompass that at this rate. They could probably start Madrigal right away and he wouldn't accrue a year under current CBA. I wonder if changes are coming somehow.
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    https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/03/who-gets-hospital-bed/607807/?utm_campaign=the-atlantic&utm_source=facebook&utm_term=2020-03-11T16%3A56%3A39&utm_content=edit-promo&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR3w6Sk4np78VehWV9f**CVm4XcfKnv3R1xSRvWBqOi4dMgWxgTIJYNqQwM I strongly urge you to read this article to understand why Italy going from 322 cases to 2,500 cases to 10,000 cases in two weeks broke their entire medical system to the extent that their doctors had to decide who would be left to die. If these numbers spike here in the same ways they have in Italy, the death rate will be catastropically high, because we simply will not have enough doctors / nurses / hospitals / beds / ventilators / resources to tend to the very sick before they get critical and die.
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    There’s a chance that my office could shut down indefinitely because of this idiotic thing. With pay, of course. If it does, I’m going to rent out a mansion on Lake Como, for cheap. Spoiler alert, everybody: We are all going to die. Sometimes you get those horror movies where most of the people die but those two people you probably didn’t expect actually live. That’s not this one. In this one, everybody dies! So live your lives. Hang out with your friends, with your families, enjoy the small things and the big things, and don’t freak out because the same imbeciles who think Mike Bloomberg can give a million dollars to every American think some virus is the end of the world.
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    It depends. Have you taken The Big Hurt's advice and recently been using Nugenix?
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    This from a guy who, when questioned about the quality of his reporting from ST said :
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    Did you just compare EE to Alonso? You did. Man that makes no sense!
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    You must want to look for things to worry about. Taking anything from these games, at least for veterans, is nuts. Probably the last 5 or 6 years of Edgar Martinez career, they said he couldn’t catch up to fastballs in spring training. Look him up.
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