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    Andrew Vaughn and Michael Kopech are two of the top 25 prospects in baseball. There's no chance in hell that the Rays land both of them for Snell. The dude threw 100 innings in 2019 and 50 in 2020. I wouldn't even headline a package with 1 of them and I understand how awesome Snell is. When your owner is Jerry Reinsdorf and you don't consistently play at the top of the free agent market, you can't trade close to big league ready potential stars. It just doesn't make sense. I'd make a quantity deal with Cease, Dunning, Madrigal etc and if that isn't enough, just trade for Lynn or Musgrove instead. Kopech and Vaughn are too important IMO. I doubt the Rays get 1 prospect ranked as highly as either of Kopech or Vaughn. The problem is the Sox don't have enough guys in that 30-100 overall range prospect wise.
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    Coop'll fix em. Oh wait.
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    So just for the record, Snell has thrown 7 or more innings one time since the beginning of the 2019 season. And that was in April 2019. Some of that is the Rays, but some is elevated pitch counts. He has made 30 starts exactly one time in his career. I know wins don't matter, but he has won 7 or more games 1 time in his career. That speaks of his inability to go deep into games to me. He has pitched more than 130 innings once in his career. He has struck out more than 150 once. He has had a WHIP beneath 1.2 once. The year he won the Cy Young, his ERA was more than a run lower than his FIP. He had one magnificent season, and has been a good pitcher otherwise. He isn't the guy Sale was when the Sox traded him, he isn't even close, and no one should make that mistake. Honestly, at what the price would likely be, I'm going to pass. And not only because trading with the Rays is horrifying.
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    I'd kill for the Sox to have the run that the Cubs have had the last 6 years. 5 of 6 years in the playoffs, 3 straight NLCS's and a World Series? Woo buddy, sign me the fuck up! Look, everyone wants the Sox to be the Dodgers but that just isn't going to happen under current ownership. If you really wouldn't take what the Cubs have had the last 6 years then you really need to temper expectations.
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    Kopech and Vaughn are top 25 prospects in the sport. Vaughn will be a top 10 prospect at some publications and he plays 1B. The White Sox shouldn't be trading guys like that. Spend some of the cheapskate owner's money instead.
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    All of us obsessed with White Sox baseball are suffering from some kind of mental disability. 😂
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    We finally found caulfield’s twitter account
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    I think the White Sox would be selling at his lowest value point ever which is why I think it's unlikely. Their development people are thrilled with how he looks. I'd be really surprised if they moved him right now.
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    Love snell...but nobody wins trades with the Rays. Hard pass.
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    Greg this isn't your personal antifa update thread. It has nothing to do with the election, go find a 8 Chan thread to talk about that bullshit
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    I'll send u guys all the links. But here's the one I'm watching tonight. It's awesome. Cops busting the Antifa thugs early tonight for spray painting. Cops are after the Antifa thugs early tonight. As the streamer calls them, "domestic terrorists." Cool stream watch it now. www.twitch.tv/behindenemylinesnews Anitanoellegreen is another one streaming tonight. Also https://woke.net/ will take u to some streams nationwide and in Portland. And please stop implying I'm lying I don't lie which makes me different from most politicians during COVID. They had 120 consecutive nights of rioting which is 4 months. If it's lessened a tad since Biden won, it appears it finally has. But it hasn't stopped. Last Saturday was bad (I watched it) and the Antifa thugs are out tonight and some have already been stopped by cops. Just please stop the doubting greg stuff right now. It's been my nightly routine to watch this anarchy. Lots of building damage tonight. The guys are taking pictures of all the broken windows. the behind enemy lines guys who hate Antifa have all the footage. Portland still rioting!!! Makes me fricking sick. But, no, it's not going on. Andy Ngo just. makes it all up as well.
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    Because the spectrum of US politics shifted far enough right for you to be comfortable calling yourself in the Center. It's not that Centrists believe in nothing, it's that the "Center" doesn't exist.
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    Honestly his twitter personality is less annoying than his board run. He was game thread cringe. His twitter stuff is just trying to be a worldwidewob for the white sox, it's aggregation. That stuff gets followers, not shocked he's built it up. Good for him, etc.
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    Bummer CAN close, but I would MUCH rather have him available anywhere between the 6th and 9th.
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    We don't quash well-thought out opinions, even though they may not match our own. We discourage and resist opinions that are uninformed, ignorant, or lack common sense.
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    No, you bring it up all the fucking time until someone indulges your attention seeking and asks you where you are reading all this shit. Don't try and play the victim
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    Lol...who is trying to dumb Madrigal other than Harold & fathom? Fangraphs has him ranked 35th, MLBpipeline has him ranked 36th, & Baseball America has him 43rd. But I guess they missed those handful of fielding & base-running gaffes during his first major league season that suddenly erodes all his prospect value. And let’s ignore that .340 BA he put up that corresponded with an xBA of nearly .340. And I could give two shits that fans want to dump Cease for struggling during a bizarre pandemic fueled season and despite having less than a full season worth of starts. I’d wager large sums of money his value has diminished all that much and that almost every organization in baseball would love to get his hands on him and tap into his massive potential. Guys literally don’t go from the 25th prospect in baseball (where he capped out at with the major publications) to losing all their value over a poor 26 starts without an major injury or a complete loss of stuff. He has obviously lost some value, but professional front offices are way more patient than the common message board fan. Using Soxtalk as a point of reference for Cease’s value is laughable.
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    Yep. Trump's America, where he has cult members in Kansas hiding in fear over imaginary scary non-white people.
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    What is there to be skeptical of? Arizona placed a guy that the White Sox scouts liked on waivers. The White Sox claimed him. This sort of thing happens every offseason for every team.
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    I'll do it, I'm a very pro-vaccine person, I just don't wanna be the first to do it. A lot of my friends are skeptical but Black folks are like that about vaccines because *gestures broadly at Tuskegee experiments, Henrietta Lacks, entire history of the United States, etc*
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    He’ll be starting in AA and that’s what he should be doing. He needs innings. He’ll likely be up in September and playoffs out of bullpen though.
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    Not really to be honest haha. And they have Zavala, Rodon, Mazara, Ruiz they could cut...take your pick.
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    You guys, and many others, are so mean to chisoxfanmike. He seems like a decent kid. He definitely has a bit on Twitter and isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but the hate he gets directed towards him isn’t really fair. At least from my vantage point. Let him be.
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    I guess my point is that I don't want to be that "really solid team" that gets there every year but isn't really good enough to beat a super team. I want to be that super team. Do you really think Darvish gives us a better chance to win WS in 2022-23-24-25 than Cease-Kopech-Crochett fulfilling their promise? He sure gives us a better chance of winning in 2021but I don't think we are ready to beat the Dodgers in 2021. The core of the White Sox...Madrigal, Moncada, Robert, Eloy, Vaughan, Gio, Kopech, Crochett, Cease, Dunning, Foster, Heuer are 26 or younger...not even in their prime years yet...why are we pushing all chips in at this point? Seems like we have a much better idea a year from now how to hit the gas...and our young assets will be better defined.
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