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Garfien podcast focusing on TA...

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Both he and McGuffy thinks TA will rebound and have a good season next year...with another club. Also has some interesting trade ideas since the free agent class is so poor (both feel trading is really the Sox only option and they have to be creative to even do that successfully):


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1 hour ago, T R U said:

You have Sosa & Rodriguez to play with for now and Colson knocking at the door. There is no reason to bring this headache back and also no reason to waste money on a FA SS.

Buddy you are gonna get Elvis night 81 times at the Rate next year 

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Even if TA has a good first half of next year, what is the market value for a 2 month rental of an over 30 proven clubhouse headache who is also a defensive liability with almost no power? You're not going to get anything of real value long term for him. Cut bait now. The only way picking up the option makes sense to me is if you wanted him around and could get a team-friendly long term contract out of him at a good future value for a good first half. 

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5 hours ago, Bob Sacamano said:

Merrifield at second, Salvador Perez behind the plate, Moustakas as backup 1B/3B. What other former Royals are out there?

2024 Opening Day White Sox

  1. LF Andrew Benintendi
  2. 2B Whit Merrifield
  3. CF Luis Robert Jr.
  4. 3B Mike Moustakas
  5. C Salvador Perez
  6. 1B Carlos Santana
  7. RF Jorge Soler
  8. DH Gavin Sheets
  9. SS Nicky Lopez
  • SP Zach Greinke RHP
  • SP Brad Keller RHP
  • SP Mike Minor LHP
  • SP Jacob Junis RHP
  • SP Danny Duffy LHP
  • Closer Scott Barlow


  • C Cam Gallagher
  • INF/RP Hanser Alberto
  • INF / DH Hunter Dozier
  • OF Jarrod Dyson
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Id pick up the option on TA. I don’t think he’s nearly the clubhouse issue some insinuate and there’s no where to go but up after his 2023 season. Sox have all sorts of $ to spend and no one better to take his spot right now. But I admit it’s no longer a no brainer and definitely interested to see what Getz does. If he moves another direction, I understand and wish TA the best. I suspect he’ll have a solid bounce back 2024 no matter where he is. 

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