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    Yes, we've gone 4-13 in the last 17 and it hasn't been pretty. Yes, it is hard to watch teams like Minnesota and Oakland absolutely trounce us. Yes, it's worrisome to watch guys like Giolito and Cease struggle, sometimes mightily. However, I think we need to get a collective grip on what real swings of a baseball season are, even for competitive teams, because I think the board has taken a sharp dive towards unbearable lately with some of the sky-is-falling/rebuild has failed talk, especially in game threads. The very best teams struggle to win 60% of their games in no small part because even great playoff teams have 20 game stretches where they play like absolute garbage. I urge you to consider the following before condemning the entire front office, managerial staff, and organization for what's been going on recently: That currently, even with the terrifying bad stretch of baseball we've been playing, this team is still on pace to win about 73 games. How many wins did you have them down for at the beginning of the season? I had them down for about 74 and I considered that optimistic. That the following good teams have had the following awful stretches of baseball this year: Yankees: 4-8 games 2 through 13 of the season, and then 3-8 in early June. Red Sox: 6-13 through first 19 games of the season (are 12 over now) Minnesota: 12-16 stretch recently. Houston: lost 7 in a row and 9 of 11. Oakland: started the season 14-19 and are 12 over now. Those are currently the five best teams in the American League, and they've all had 2-3 week stretches where they have played WAY below their ability. Not because they suck, but because that's variance, that's baseball, and those are stretches. Yes, 4-13 is a different beast, but 4-13 for a team that is expected to win maybe 77 games at best is similar to 8-12 for a team that expects to win 90. I think what's also been lost in a lot of talk recently too is that I see little mention of people putting into context that we DFA'd our DH without an ML replacement, have been playing without TA for a while, and Eloy went down, and much more mention about how this is failing. We are in a bad stretch. At some point this season, this team will snap out of it and suddenly with 4 in a row or 7 of 8 and that won't make any sense either. Because that's baseball. I still think we are on track.
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    What an epitome of a Hahn quote. "Logical to see a heightened level of aggressiveness this offseason." 1) This doesn't even say we WILL see a more aggressive offseason, just that it would make sense to 2) Heightened level of aggressiveness is a relative term, so it only means more aggressive than last year, which could still not be close to aggressive enough in the fans eyes The dude is a master at not actually committing to anything he sounds like he is. I'd pay a pretty penny to hear his wedding vows.
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    How any of you could b**** and moan while Colome is in the midst of a 10+ WAR season is beyond me. We are witnesses to history, folks!
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    Cooper is 63 years old, he really can’t much left in the tank. To me, he’s the number one guy who has to go in the organization as the game has clearly passed him by IMO.
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    I feel like there are more people who post here frequently that are hoping for this organization to fail than there are people who generally want them to take the next step. Kind of sad.
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    I'm a guy who actually enjoys about 45% of your posts. You have a level of baseball experience most of us don't, and I enjoy that unique perspective. I don't want to see you be the next poster who is infamously known by a single name and automatically dismissed. But you get stuck in these pedantic, semantic, and/or circular battles, and seem to be unable to admit you ever even might be wrong, let alone that you are. The belligerence expresses itself in the fact that every post that disagrees with you turns into a 25 post slog of the same points over and over again. Stop playing dumb, you know you have a tendency to sink your teeth in to every single argument. When new points are there to present, that is fine and fun. Learn to let go though man. What is the point of spending time on here if everyone ignores you, which is unfortunately dangerously close to the truth right now.
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    Christ, you're argumentative. Yeah, he mixed up his words but his point was clear : move coop to a position of honor outside the day to day operations. Maybe pitching coach emeritus, maybe promotion to some new VP, whatever. Your twin act of belligerence and then insisting you're one of the most reasonable posters here is getting real tired mate.
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    Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?
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    Early disclaimer...if you don’t care about the draft, that’s fine....but don’t ruin this thread. Thanks
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    Clearly, this organization has a long way to go to even be mediocre. Here’s a list of our 40-man trash that could be released without a blink: Banuelos Cordero Covey Detweiler Frare Fulmer Herrera Jones Medeiros Nova Osich Ruiz Vieira Castillo Zavala Reed Goins Sanchez Engel Jay Cordell Palka Tilson Look at that list. Take it all in. The idea that this team is remotely close to contending is laughable. Thank you JR. You can’t disappear soon enough.
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    Will they put their money where their mouth is this time?
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    I don't give two fucks about the cubs, or half the shit you ramble on and on and on about on a White Sox message board that doesn't have a damn thing to do with the topic.
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    Personally I believe that Chris Bassit hound is the key to all of it
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    Why would you just assume he would be unable to fix a long swing mechanic? You are definitely going to get shit if he turns out good. You're already dug in, no givesies backsies.
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    I’m a little confused as to your comment “the way things are going”. I think TA and Eloy’s injury cost us some winnable games, and DFAing an absolutely listless Yonder was necessary so we could try a couple of new options in seasonal garbage time. However, I don’t buy in to the theory that injuries have become organizational and I certainly don’t think it’s some sort of referendum on the franchise direction. We are three major league bats short on a team that is already three major league bats short. We are also two major league starting arms short on a team that is already two arms short. Cease needs to develop at the ML level so there will be some hiccups. Losing games in exactly that way was always going to be part of it.
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    I mean, we’ve pretty much been rail-roaded with injuries on the pitching side. Rodon & Kopech should both be in the rotation, Dunning would have probably been pushing for a spot right now, and Lambert was one of our better, more advanced prospects. All those guys lost for the season. On the bullpen side, losing Jones, Hamilton, & Burr (and Burdi to a lesser extent) for the year forced us to give fringier guys opportunities. That’s a lot of injuries to overcome for any organization.
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    Does this really warrant a thread? Complain in the gamethread with the rest of the folks.
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    Glancing over this thread and there's some real nonsense in here. The jury is out on the 2016 and 2017 draft classes for sure but it's still too early to call them definitely bad. The White Sox employed a draft strategy heavily reliant on college talent to fill the system from the bottom up. It's very fair to question that strategy. They might still have 5-6 big leaguers from that draft though (Collins, Burdi, Hansen, Lambert, Flores, Hamilton). 2017 provided Burger, Sheets, Gonzalez, Johnson, McClure etc. I think the last two drafts have been very good. Nick Hostetler didn't get fired. They didn't promote him because they don't want him doing amateur scouting anymore. They've actually decided that he's more useful on the pro side of things at this juncture. This lets him focus on pro scouting and the title allows them to transition without actually firing anyone else. They didn't let Nick Hostetler oversee the two most important drafts of this rebuild only to immediately fire him afterwards. Thats crazy talk. I also think Hostetler will be fine finally having an off-season and letting someone else do the Director of Scouting job. The White Sox have issues on the pro scouting side which have been prevalent for yers. This is an attempt to remedy some of that. I think Nathan Durst would be the best internal choice to replace Hostetler but any of the names would be fine. This is a pretty significant move in my opinion and a step in the right direction for an organization entering a new phase.
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    One guy has already reached the big leagues as a #10 pick and the other two had bad injuries. Burdi was a reach as a reliever sure.. Your guys expectations for the 14th pick in the draft are absurd. Anything after 5 is a complete crap shoot. Madrigal has the best k-bb rate in minor league baseball by 2 times! He is two times better than the next best. That's unreal. Hes also been a gold glove caliber 2nd baseman. Ripping hostetler for drafting madrigal is a laughably bad take.
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    Caulfield what is with the obsession with the Brewers? You just started a thread about their pitching staff in PHT.
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    A high pick in what looks to be a very strong draft class is very desirable. Go tank go.
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    I was going to say, other teams' version of "aggressive" or their version of "aggressive," which is having a seat at the table?
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    There are no parallels that I see. Sox sold on Quintana at the absolute height of his value for an outstanding return during the start of the rebuild phase. This would be the Sox buying low on a great talent just prior to their window of contention opening.
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    One Jose down, two to go
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