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    Elijah Tatis for Adam Eaton
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    Just going to throw this out there....could you imagine Timmy's bat flip if he hits a walkoff?
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    Andrew Vaughn = Paul Konerko CJ Abrams = Micah Johnson ....or Ozzie Guillen Like, that's really the extent of the talent evaluation you just did.
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    Couldn't be a pulled muscle since he doesn't have any
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    Can you please keep this shit in the MLB game threads?
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    Please try to contain your excitement.
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    Honestly feels like he thinks there is a minimum weight for the 5 hole hitter. "No, not anderson, he is not fat enough"
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    You wrote those dollar amounts as if they are bad when in fact they are very good.
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    Why don't we look at the 2018 fWAR leaders and their starts Betts - first 197 games .818 OPS Trout - first 179 games .911 OPS Ramirez - first 180 games a .644 OPS Bregman - first 204 games .818 OPS Lindor - first 99 games.835 OPS Yelich - first 206 games .765 OPS Chapman - first 84 games .785 OPS Machado - first 207 games .744 OPS Rendon - first 98 games ,725 OPS Martinez - first 166 games .705 OPS Arenado - first 133 games .706 OPS Cain - not comparable never a really good hitter Simmons - not comparable never a really good hitter Baez - first 222 games .680 OPS Freeman - first 177 games .784 OPS So basically of the top 13 offensive WAR players only 4 of them started out hitting over .800 OPS
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    And with that, you finally earn the ignore. My God, you're a blow hard.
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    That’s why he shouldn’t be promoted. Those 2 games are more important than the rest of the body of work.
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    What’s his k rate
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    You quite honestly waited for his one bad game to say this nonsense, huh? Had it all saved in your phone and you took the opportunity? You sound incredibly stupid. Before today he had 2+ hits in all but like 3 games including a 1.400 OPS but hey he's 0-3 today so Adam Engel should continue to get playing time
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    Unlike some here I have no problem with this. Gordon Beckham didn't fail because he was rushed. He wasnt good enough. If you're good enough you'll adjust and survive. Baseball is learning this as well.
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    36 year old Ervin Santana, coming off of an ERA of 8.03 with a FIP of 7.94 will wind up being paid around $1,370,000 per start by the White Sox. Can't spend $1 if you only have $0.50.
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    I actually enjoy Jerry having his money lit on fire at this point. It's not like he's going to spend it on legit upgrades anyways so fuck it...burn it all.
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    The hit tool is fine and is probably one of his strong points. The way FG does the current ratings is to kind of have a base case for the level and then put 5 (or rarely 10) above or below that level. For HS hitters, a 25 current hit means its a plus tool because the base for high level prospects is a 20. If its someone who they have questions on the hit, they will have a current 20 and then a below 50 future. For college players the base is a 30 with most being at most 5 above or below that. When you take all of that into consideration you can better understand their ratings. For example, Vaughn only has a 40 current hit which you would think is low, but its actually the best because its two levels (10 total) above the base of 30. It is also reflected in his higher future rating. On the other hand, Bishop and Abrams both have a 25 current hit, but Abrams hit is considered a strength while Bishop's is considered a weakness. That is because Abrams is above the usual for HS guys while Bishop is below the usual for college guys.
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    i don’t think it’s moncada and jimenez that taught us that.
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    I've written letters to JR for years and I always received a response from him. But when I wrote him a letter requesting to be interviewed for the White Sox Gm job, I didn't receive any response from him. Maybe he's keeping my letter on file and he will eventually get back to me. I'm still open to being the White Sox GM. If I become the White Sox GM , I promise all White Sox fans the greatest fun ride in modern White Sox history. I WILL MAKE THE WHITE SOX GREAT AGAIN!!!!
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    The corresponding move will be Minaya shot out of a cannon into space
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    He’s likely toast because of one bad outing in AA? You really are nothing but doom & gloom bro.
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    He actually should be a hero. White Sox fans like to complain. He's given us many reasons. Rick reminds me of the guys that used to make Dick Vitale's all airport team. Guys who looked good at the airport but couldn't play worth a damn. Rick is a bright guy, talks a good game, makes everything seem to make a lot of sense, and then loses,and loses, and loses. He looks and sounds the part, but the evidence suggests he should be doing something else.
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    When I read the title to this thread, this was all I could think about.
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    Regardless of how Eloy’s career plays out I just can’t imagine giving less of a fuck about the Sox being on the hook for a bit of guaranteed money.
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