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    Whataboutism (noun) The technique or practice of responding to an accusation or difficult question by making a counter-accusation or raising a different issue https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/whataboutism
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    I read through the emails. Nice to know the money that built the Cub's championship is built on Racism and buffoonery. No way to spin this one. Clear as day. Fly the L.
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    I'll take the opposite approach. Think of how good these guys could be. Kopech: ace ceiling Dunning: really good #3 starter, maybe even #2 Madrigal: reminds people a lot of Jose Altuve Robert: superstar potential Collins: exceptional raw power and quality eye at the plate, should be a solid 1B/DH even if he doesn't stick at catcher Rutherford: solid skillset, should hopefully be a productive MLB player No need to be so gloom and doom.
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    You found a way to be more pessimistic about White Sox prospects than Keith Law. I don't know how you did it, but you did it.
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    don't put fuckin words in my mouth. I'm thinking some old man (regardless who he is) forwards some goofy ass chain emails I should be offended? I'm thinking meh is what I'm thinking.
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    I hope so. Constipation is no laughing matter.
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    They’re simple thoughts from an old man. Whatever. How many people were murdered in Chicago this weekend? Where’s the outrage about that?
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    Pretty much where I'm at. The "what can I be offended by today" crowd in full force. lol...agree with your last line. Hey...maybe the Cardinals...or White Sox are colluding with the Russians.
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    Imo, the Ricketts should have to sell and the league should liquidate the team for cash. Tough. But fair.
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    In terms of a Cubs story it's basically nothing. What if Jerry Reinsdorf's dad said a racist comment? He'd be like 125 years old so it'd be amazing, but lets say he was alive and said something racist? It's not a Cubs story at all. Also I think it's pretty well known that the older generation may have more of a tendency to be racist in many regards than the younger generations. We have more access to information and cultures than ever before. All you can do is learn and grow. Take this as another step towards growth. On my 0-10 scale of shock and being offended by this story .. I sit at a 1.2
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    Might as well shut down this thread. An article about horrible statements made by the Cubs owner is getting defended on a White Sox board. I guess racist emails are cool if the guy is a big donor.
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    So it's not just your parents or my parents that send the "FWD: Fwd: Fwd: Re: Fwd:Fwd: Re: [STOP and read this NOW!!!!!]" e-mail chains. Even billionaire's parents do the same thing.
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    It's always fun to see the Cubs crapped on, but I literally could not care less about this. This guy is the father of the Cubs owners. He has no role in the franchise. But it is fun to see the media pivot back and forth between "this was obtained via nefarious means, so we should ignore it" and "Yay leaks!" depending on the source.
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    It's nice to have a reason to dislike the Cubs outside of annoying fans and jealousy
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    OK, I'll contribute to your Psychological exercise: If Mr. Machado is still pining for the Yankees, then I'm over pining for him. If the Sox have actually offered him 8 years and $250 Million +, and certainly extended themselves in other ways to make him feel comfortable, yet he still doesn't want to come to the South Side, I'd be ok with just moving on. This team is not going to compete for the Division, in 2019, with Manny, even if they sign him. I'm personally ok with one more year of the rebuild and one more Draft, after this year's #3 pick. Therefore, I would suggest the following: 1) Trade Alonso and Jay, at the nearest opportunity, even if the Sox have to pay part of the contracts. Neither has any long term usefulness, on the contending team, starting in 2020. 2) Give the outfield corners' playing time to Eloy and Palka, who might also spend a little time DH'ing or spelling Jose at 1ST, while he DH's. If Palka hits enough, he could be a useful piece going forward, given his age and lack of service time. He might ultimately be a first baseman, or a DH. That left handed bat can always be useful, if he gets on base enough. 3) Let Engel start the year in CF, in order to shore up the questionable outfield defense. Once Luis Gonzalez, who is the oldest and probably the closest to Major League ready prospect, is ready, bring him up and let him vie for the position, until Robert is ready, in a couple of years. Monitor the progress of the promising corner outfielders, to see who might ultimately emerge as a viable candidate. Adolfo, Rutherford, Basabe and Walker all have a decent chance of developing into valuable pieces, but playing a corner, they need to hit. Gonzalez may end up moving to a corner, when Robert is ready, and having been brought up early could help to determine if his bat plays well enough for him to fill a corner OF slot. 4) Move Moncada to 3RD and give him a year to get comfortable there. Yolmer goes back to his natural position at 2ND, which he can very capably hold down until Madrigal is ready, hopefully next year. 5) Don't acquire any more veteran starting pitchers, but instead give the starts to the youngsters in an attempt to find out who can fill the rotation, behind Kopech, Cease and Rodon, starting in 2020. There are enough promising arms in the organization to fill the staff, starting with Lopez, Giolito, Hansen, Lambert, Banuelos and Covey. Fulmer may even finally figure it out. Hopefully, a few will emerge and take the pressure off the need to retain Rodon, on an expensive free agent contract, in 2022. 6) Save the financial resources to extend the younger guys, who will hopefully emerge as solid core pieces. Use the rest of the money to fill any holes which still exist starting in 2020. 7) Let's see which of our Minor League players take a big enough step forward, and begin to use that farm system capital as trading chips, after they have established decent Minor League resumes. 8 Mix the newly acquired, veteran bullpen arms with the best relief prospects, in hopes of sorting out who might be counted on to handle the load, starting in 2020. Guys like Burdi, Ruiz, Hamilton, Tyler Johnson and Fry might be good enough to make up the bulk of the relief core, after Herrera and Colome exit. 9) I don’t know what to think about catcher, as there is a good chance that the Sox could select one with their #3 pick, in this June’s Draft. If Rutschman is available at #3, I suspect that the Sox would grab him. Then too, it will be interesting to see what kind of year Langeliers has. If they take someone else, like Vaughn, then I assume that both Zevala and Collins remain the prime candidates, starting in 2020. There, I feel better now. Thank you.
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    I'm going to play the old guy here. When you have young males arguing topics, all the idealism and testosterone of the invincibility of youth arises. When you get old you get practical, realize your vulnerability and lose some of the aggression. You realize that in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter and it takes a big part of the bravado away. Unfortunately, it takes getting old to get to that point. So for all the young bucks, carry on.
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    I think you're being way too negative here. Really the only guy who has come to the show and disappointed a bit is Moncada. And he has time to right the ship. We all wish we would of seen more by now. But personally I still love his potential. Giolito was already considered damaged goods a bit when the trade happened. We all heard about how Washington was down on him. This trade wouldn't of happened if he was still at the peak of his value. From a Sox standpoint, comparing him to his former top prospect status just isn't the correct way to approach this. Maybe it's disappointing that Coop has been unable to get more out of him. It is what it is. I think you're being way too hard on Rutherford. Some guys take longer to develop. Let's see what he shows this year. There was talk of his body filling out over the winter, which is exactly what we needed to happen. Collins - yeah his star isn't shining quite so bright like it was when he was drafted. I wouldn't call him a non-prospect, just one who is starting to fade. He needs to have a good year in 2019. Your comments about none mean anything until they prove it at the MLB level. Well that's case with all prospects. I'm not sure why you even said that. This whole discussion spun out of you seemingly agreeing with the Sox being the 13th rated farm system. Guys like Robert, Adolfo, Madigrel,Dunning and Cease - we should be excited about them. These guys have good potential. Some of them will bomb out. Hopefully a few won't.
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    Sox farm system sucks. Madrigal sucks. Collins sucks. Those that don't suck are hurt or will suck after returning from injuries. Sources suck. The Super Bowl sucks. Basically, in the end we're all going to die after paying more than our fair share in taxes. And Jack Parkman is too optimistic about the farm system and not optimistic enough about Lucas Giolito's TOR potential.
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    I'm not being extra pessimistic because I actually think all of those guys suck.... I really liked Rutherford when they traded for him, but he looks a lot like Ryan Sweeney right now. I've not understood Collins for a couple seasons now. I wasn't always sold on Kopech as a starter, but he answered all of the questions I had in 2018 before he got injured. Cease has done nothing but improve since he got traded here, Eloy looks studly. Robert oozes talent, just like Moncada. However, none of that means anything until they do it at the MLB level. None of the Sox draft picks are anything to write home about since they started the rebuild. I don't know what they were thinking with Collins. I really want to like Madrigal, but....If both he and Moncada are good......where's he going to play????? I don't want to move Moncada to 3rd until he has a good season at the plate. Both Moncada and Giolito tore up the minors before they got the call up and have done jack and shit since they've been here. I still believe in their talent, but it is up to them....Moncada could be anything from Jose Ramirez to a complete bust. Giolito could be anything from a strong #2 to a complete bust. They have to put it all together. I am really questioning the Sox pro and amateur scouts right now. It seems like the good players are of the blind squirrel/ nut variety. 2018 could not have realistically gone any worse.... The only rebuild player to have a semblance of success so far at the MLB level is Lopez. I really want to believe, but I have to see more. I believed a lot more at this time last year than now. I went from giddy to cautiously optimistic. At this point I'd give them a 60% chance of success. One more year of non-development and injuries though, and I don't think it will look very promising at that point. God forbid Eloy comes up and struggles....
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    Whoa whoa there are much better ways to hash it than using violence or insults. Perhaps you guys can do a ban bet?
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    Hey brother you wanna meet up in person and hash it out? Dont know how I hurt you? These little jabs are annoying . dont know if your balls are still shriveled up from the -25 weather or your lack of a back bone hides you behind your computer. Wasnt your fault your father left, your ma was just too busy free lancing
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    In October 2009, a trust that Joe and Marlene Ricketts established on behalf of their family acquired a 95-percent controlling interest in Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field, as well as 25 percent of Comcast Sportsnet Chicago. https://www.joericketts.com/about/
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