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2023 MLB offseason signings and rumors thread


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25 minutes ago, bmags said:

I think right now sox fans are just on the short end of the stick. How many franchises feel hopeless? Probably us, rockies, oakland just because that relationship right now.

If you are pitt, you know it isn't great, but ben cherington is extremely smart and basically helped create a successful boston core that lasted a decade. And boston couldn't keep em either.

Tampa has competed. Milwaukee has competed. In many ways it's more competitive across cities than it is in the NBA, where the player salary compression reduces it to "where is the weather and city nicest".

Given how many baseball players are from southeast/west coast, do you want the midwest teams only offering the same as florida teams?


Baseball is pretty bad though - but there are organizations in far worse spots (financially) than White Sox who can still do it. In general - baseball is such a poor follow if you are a fan of a team with smaller budgets - but there are obviously some teams that can make it work.

But man - it would be so much more enjoyable if baseball operated like football - where no team has a true financial advantage, so it really comes down to who has the best front office. Yes - there are other things they can do - spend more on coaches, etc and obviously some teams find creative ways - but in general baseball is such a turnoff where you can have teams with $400M in cash overlay (with luxury tax) and teams with like 35M.  


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3 minutes ago, Squirmin' for Yermin said:

really like this signing and contract

Toronto seems to have signed 2 of the best value contracts these last 2 off-seasons. Gausman and Bassitt seem like they're on very reasonable deals. 

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