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    Leury Garcia may end up being one of the longest tenured White Sox ever and that alone is a hysterical thought to me.
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    Fegan quickly got told to calm everyone down.
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    Taylor finished the season in an 8-72 slump, and had an OBP under .300 and an OPS under .700 the second half of 2021. He is basically the position player equivalent of Kimbrel.
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    I’m super nervous to see the AAV and what this means for other acquisitions.
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    lol yes, it's the fans fault that they expected the FO to do what they said they'd do three-two-one years ago.
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    Just ignore the report from above. Begin your meltdown as you wish sir.
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    Fully healthy, we are currently worse than what we were last year.
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    Could you imagine if Conforto and Castellanos sign elsewhere in next 24 hours and then lockout occurs?
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    Sox don't need a PR department when they have their fan base.
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    He is a really versatile solid player who provides depth. Don't love the years but can't complain with this move at all.
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    He's not the first person who was told that.
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    I just hope this makes Dave Kaplan happy.
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    A "C" by what measure? Because those moves would result in one of the best and most balanced rosters in baseball. This is my problem with offseason talk. Fans get so myopic and wrapped up in grading who had the splashiest offseason and forget that the name of the game is having the best baseball team overall. It's the reason you can see people unironically say things like "it must be nice to be a Rangers fan..." No, it's not.
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    I don't have a problem with Segura, what I do have an issue with is them picking up Kimbrel's option just to trade it for an almost equal salary. You could have just bought him out for a million and signed somebody in free agency. Unless they're getting some prospects back in a deal like that, it really doesn't make a ton of sense.
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    The guardians of JR's fortune will let us know that we have enough. We are already winners no matter if we add anyone. And that just getting into the dance is good enough because it's just such a crapshoot. The only one who looks out more than JR's accountant seems to be one of the sects of White Sox fandom.
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    I feel like one of the best rotations in the game should be able to pitch 5 innings in the playoffs and not walk like 7 batters per 9.
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    Oh sweet nothin, you ain't got nothin at all no player november sad roster playlist Hold Kimbrel Bundy $9M Dickerson $7M Garcia $6M Kendell Graveman $8M Trade Dallas Keuchel for Robinson Cano & $2M Annually Salary $183M Hahn Quotes: "To be able to add a Hall of Famer like Robinson cano to our lineup was something we couldn't pass up" "We feel like with Hendriks, Kimbrel and Graveman, nobody will want to face our bullpen" "Dickerson gives us good production vs RHP and give us more versatility in our lineup" "Certainly you may have seen what Leury did in the playoffs and all of last year, we didn't want to let a player like that go" "Dylan Bundy we have been tracking for a while, and we think can get him back to his 2020 form. No, we didn't get a 2nd year option, and if he's great we will not extend a QO, because that's not how we operate" You are welcome.
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    Well we could of hired their manager. But someone needed to right a wrong from the 80s and that trumped winning.
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    Still waiting on that big market big spending team to show it's face Harold. Hard to laugh at another team who might invest in their roster when the Sox have invested nothing.
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    Wanted absolutely nothing to do with Javy Baez so am happy the Tigers signed him. Think he's a flawed player who will age very very poorly due to those flaws. He is the type of player who once he loses an inkling of bat speed will lose his entire offensive game. Don't think going to Comerica is that big of a deal, but I just don't think his offense ages well at all.
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    “Our Biggest free agent signing was actually extending Lance Lynn during the season, which tied up a lot of resources. we were in on every free agent, but didn’t want the market to dictate our actions”. - RIck Hahn in the near future
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