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    Yeah, other than not being guaranteed a roster spot, not eating up millions of guaranteed dollars that could have gone somewhere else, and not being at a position where it would have been really easy to find a better option, it's exactly the same.
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    This is will be my last post on the matter because it's dragging down the board and quite frankly you aren't worth the time. The one thing you've never understood and most likely never will is the proper definition of what "truth" is. Truth is objective, where you see it as subjective. "Your truth" is simply your opinion. Your opinion on something doesn't make it true, however much you'd like it to be. What you are doing is offering an opinion. That's when someone has a viewpoint on something that may or not be based in fact, but they hold it to be true to themselves. People can have LOTS of opinions, and often times people debate those opinions. That's called a conversation. Are we learning anything yet? Still with me? At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. You're always going to be the way you are. The sad part is, as I described with another poster a few days ago....is you spend hours on this site, post after post either correcting people who don't share your same opinion, or you're complaining about how ownership didn't do what you wanted, how this team isn't going to be as good as people think, and just generally how unhappy you are. The saddest thing we've dealt with people like you on this board before. Many times. You're all the same. It's SO important for you to be right, you'll activity root for the "team you love" to fail so you can get in front of your computer and say "See, I told you so! I was right all along!" And when the team is going well, we either won't see you around or you'll drop in with "Yeah but it's a small sample size" or "We'll see if it lasts the whole season." because it just crushes you when the "truth and logic" you spewed all those months turned out to be nothing more than an uneducated opinion. I'm fine ending the conversation because at the end of this....I'm excited the weather is changing and baseball is around the corner and the team I root for has one of the better rosters in baseball. I'm going to find a lot of enjoyment out of this season. And I'll know on the other end of the spectrum, you'll be hate-watching the White Sox, just rooting for a Liam Hendricks blown save so you can rush the computer and tell everyone how smart you are. I don't envy you. I feel bad for you.
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    I love pointing to Guillén, Karkovice, Ventura & Lance Johnson as evidence 1994 was maybe the most talented team ever. Cool. Now replace their offensive numbers with Anderson, Grandal, Moncada and Robert 😂😂 People still have no idea what they are about to see. Flush those 20’s and 2000’s Yankees down the toilet. It’s over. This will be the greatest collection of baseball talent the game has ever seen. Our worst players, Eaton & Madrigal, will probably put up a .360 OBP with their eyes closed. I’m actually hoping Adolfo gets the call at the ASB to replace Eaton and puts up a quick .950 OPS
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    Glad you said it and not me. I argued that till I was blue in the face after the game 3 loss. People hyping the BP forget a lot of those young guys were cutting their teeth against poor teams and they completely wet the bed in game 3 against a non AL Central team and Crochet got injured when he was specifically rested to pitch in game 3. Bad pitching and an injury are not the fault of the manager. You don't win many games when the BP walks 7+ guys. I think the bullpen is pretty good but Heuer and Foster and the like will have a much harder time this year with the normal schedule and better lineups. That's just the vagaries of relief pitching.
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    Recently the White Sox website had a computer game tournament in trying to determine the greatest White Sox team of all time. Where as I'm sure all of us White Sox fans will agree that the idea of The 1972 White Sox , the team that won it, being the best White Sox team of all time is ludicrous, I decided to take a shot at it myself. Here are my top 3 in DESCENDING order. 3. 2005. Where as I'm sure I'll get a lot of people disagreeing with me that I'm not putting them number 1, mainly because of their amazing postseason, I put them number 3 because the two ahead of them simply had stronger offensive teams, to go with great pitching, then this one had. But I don't want this piece on the great 2005 team to be bashing them, so I'm focusing here on what they could do. They won 99 games, the most in the league, and never spent a single day out of first place all season. They tied for the league lead in pitching and led in ERA+ when adjusted to their ballpark. They had power, as they hit 200 homers, speed, great defense, ( their infield defense of Crede, Uribe and Iguchi were outstanding, as well Rowand in center,) four outstanding starters, and a deep bullpen that actually had two great closers over the course of the season. They also had that incredible string of having a lead in the first 37 games of the season and of course won the World Series, with their amazing post season run. 2. 1994. This was the year that never was. The strike ended this season in August, but I said even then, that this was the best White Sox team I ever saw. They had won the division in 1993 with the best pitching in the AL, excellent defense, (Ventura, Guillen, Karkovice and Lance Johnson were among the best in the league at their positions,) good speed, and above average offense, mainly because of Frank Thomas, the best White Sox hitter in franchise history. But in the playoffs, Toronto's game plan was to simply not give Thomas anything to hit. He actually went 1-1 with 4 walks in Game 1. Now the sabergeeks may have been impressed with this line, but it's what Toronto wanted to do and it worked for them. So in 1994, the White Sox picked up Julio Franco, who had 100 RBI's by August, so teams couldn't pitch around Thomas like this anymore. So now they were 4th in runs scored, as compared to 7th the year before and better than the 2005 team that finished 9th in runs scored. They also led the league in pitching in 1994 again, by a wider margin, as their team ERA was more than a quarter of a run lower than the second best team! The 2005 team only tied for the league lead as stated above. Ozzie Guillen, who played for this team and managed the 2005 team, said himself that the 1994 team was more talented. The only problem this team had, was a strange June slump where closer Roberto Hernandez seemed to go through a period where he was tipping his pitches. His history says he would have corrected that by the end of the year however. As far as the postseason goes, we'll never know. But this great team shouldn't be penalized because they never got the chance. 1. 1917. This team probably doesn't get the notoriety that maybe it should because of the members of this team that were also on the 1919 team. (A year which needs no explanation.) However, if you look at the facts, this was the best team in White Sox history. To begin with, this team had 3 players who are in the Hall Of Fame who were part of the "Clean Sox." Eddie Collins, Ray Schalk and pitcher Red Faber. If you then take the players who were later banned because of what happened in 1919, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson would have unquestionably been a Hall Of Famer. Pitcher Eddie Cicotte also probably would have been. That's 5 Hall Of Famers on one team. Then throw in Buck Weaver, Happy Felsch, and another pitcher, Lefty Williams, who almost certainly would have been All-Stars if an All Star game existed then, as they all were amongst the best in the game at their positions. They were considered by some to be the best team ever assembled at the time. Now statistically, my Brother In Law correctly pointed out that it gets difficult to compare players from different eras because of the advancement of statistics of today. So the only way to compare this, is to compare how they did against their competition at the time. And this is what this team against their own competition. They won 100 games, the only White Sox team to do so, and did it in only the 154 games they played then. They lead the league in runs scored AND pitching. The only White Sox team to do so. And of course did win the World Series. After this it gets a bit more difficult. My gut reaction is to put the 1983 team fourth. They won 99 games, led the league in runs scored and was 3rd in pitching. Then comes the 1959 team fifth.
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    This is VERY interesting to see and thanks for sharing!!! I did not come across anything to show they rated the players for the simulated game. I'm especially interested to see that the 1954 and 1964 teams are ranked 3rd and 4th respectively. Neither of these teams obviously made the playoffs but of course things were different then on who qualified and they both certainly would have in todays format. As far as the 1954 team, the White Sox always had strong teams throughout the 50's, and in some ways the main reason they won in 1959 was the Yankees had an off year. Therefore, I've wondered and tried to look into, was the 1959 team really the best team they had in the 50's? As far as 1964, this period always also really interested me because from 1963-65, the White Sox won 94, 98, and 95 games.......but had nothing to show for it because again, only the pennant winner made the playoffs in those days. If they had todays playoff format then, who knows? We might have a statue of Gary Peters or Joel Horlen in or outside the ballpark. Instead, young White Sox fans may have never heard of those guys. On another side note to White Sox history of that time period, if not for the ridiculously horrible trades Veeck and Greenberg made prior to 1960, the White Sox DEFINITELY would have won 2 more pennants in that era, and possibly 3. Give us Norm Cash, Johnny Callison and Earl Battey in our lineup, like they should have been, and we DEFINITELY win it in 1964 and 1967. (That would make Boston's "Impossible Dream" more like the possible nothing instead!) And possibly 1965. Take Battey and Mincher out of their lineup, do the Twins still beat us out? But that's all speculative.
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    Lightfoot officially announced fans will be present at Opening Day, but did not provide a % capacity. I'm guessing it will be about 25%
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    You can agree with someone saying 2 + 2 is 5 but you'd be just as wrong as he is. Calling someone ignorant and explaining why apparently makes me an asshole but simply calling someone stupid over and over and not even offering a counterpoint at all is rational? If that's your take then sorry, you're wrong whether you know it or not, and people really hate being told they are wrong. But I'm not going to apologize for being correct. It tends to just come down to ego for some people. Not for me. That's why I can actually acknowledge now and then that I was wrong about something or retract it and offer a softer take after I have had time to think about it more. So many are unable to do this and take everything personally rather than try to look at themselves as well. Do I come off harsh sometimes? Sure. That's because truth often is harsh. But malice is not a thing with me. The amount of venom that comes my way vs the amount I throw put is hilariously lopsided towards the former. You will never hear me get into petty namecalling contests with people. Your perspective of me is skewed and likely biased. I don't believe I've ever called someone stupid here. Don't need to. I'm not weak.
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    Doesn't mean much but spencer torkelson so far is hitless in 11 PAs with 3 walks and 5 Ks. Not quite comparable to Vaughn who is a year older and least had a season in A ball and a full alternate site season but so far Vaughn looks better than torkelson. Tork still has more raw power potential but Vaughn could have a better hit tool, he struck out less in college too (75k, 123 bb vs 104 Ks and 110 bb in about 100 less PAs for Tork).
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    Keuchel was the most to blame, giving up 5 in Game 2, that was the loss that cost the Sox the series, burnt the bullpen as well. Never hear a peep about the big FA signing. Madrigal didn't help with his 2 run error in the first which left Abreu shaking his head after the play. Didn't help Keuchel loaded the bases with three singles to start the game. https://www.mlb.com/athletics/video/marcus-semien-s-two-run-home-run-x0998?q=Date %3D ["2020-09-30"] AND GameType %3D ["WILD_CARD"] AND Player %3D ["Dallas Keuchel"] AND Date %3D {{ "2020-09-28"%2C "2020-10-05" }} Order By Timestamp DESC&cp=MIXED https://www.mlb.com/athletics/video/khris-davis-solo-home-run-x6336?q=Date %3D ["2020-09-30"] AND GameType %3D ["WILD_CARD"] AND Player %3D ["Dallas Keuchel"] AND Date %3D {{ "2020-09-28"%2C "2020-10-05" }} Order By Timestamp DESC&cp=MIXED
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    In Ricky's defense, Rodon couldn't hit the broadside of a barn and Foster completely forgot how to pitch. And Jose Abreu choked in several big spots. That series loss to OAK was on more guys than just Ricky. Although I do agree he shouldn't have started Dunning if his plan was to pull him as soon as the opposition put a RISP even if it was the 1st inning. That's not exactly a good plan, especially when you've got one of the top offenses in baseball behind you.
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    I think it’s technically called a “murder” of Cespedeese But I will stick with “cespedeses,” perhaps with the emphasis on “ped”
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    @Soxsi75, couldn't find the criteria the simulated game uses to rate players. Did you come across anything? Also, while the goal of the playoffs is to win the World Series, before wild cards solid teams never had a chance stuck behind 100 win Yankees teams. It's clear based on WAR the 1917 team was head and shoulders above all other White Sox teams. The 1972 team was the second worst in the bracket. The 2020 team had the best hitting, their team didn't have the pitching to compete with the best teams in baseball. You saw it with your own eyes, but yeah, "Ricky's Fault" for the assembled staff. Keuchel was hammered hard both games against the 1972 team, wonder if subbing out Parrot and Mazara with McCann and Engel would have made a difference in the simulation. Teams ranked by total bWAR/pWAR as follows (All seasons under 162 games including 2020 WAR amounts have been pro-rata share adjusted based on a uniform 162 game season): 1917 (100-54 vs. Pythagorean 101-53) 24.8 bWAR + 28.5 pWAR = 53.3 Team WAR World Series Champion 1993 (94-68 vs. Pythagorean 92-70) 29.2 bWAR + 19.3 pWAR = 48.5 Team WAR 1954 (94-60 vs. Pythagorean 98-56) 28.7 bWAR + 18.9 pWAR = 47.6 Team WAR 1964 (98-64 vs. Pythagorean 99-63) 28.6 bWAR + 18.8 pWAR = 47.4 Team WAR 2000 (95-67 vs. Pythagorean 92-70) 28.3 bWAR + 18.9 pWAR = 47.2 Team WAR 2005 (99-63 vs. Pythagorean 91-71) 20.0 bWAR + 26.1 pWAR = 46.1 Team WAR World Series Champion 2008 (89-74 vs. Pythagorean 89-74) 19.2 bWAR + 25.9 pWAR = 45.1 Team WAR 1983 (99-63 vs. Pythagorean 96-66) 26.2 bWAR + 18.0 pWAR = 44.2 Team WAR 2020 (35-25 vs. Pythagorean 36-24) 34.6 bWAR + 9.2 pWAR = 43.8 Team WAR 1977 (90-72 vs. Pythagorean 88-74) 22.9 bWAR + 20.0 pWAR = 42.9 Team WAR 1906 (93-58 vs. Pythagorean 90-61) 24.7 bWAR + 17.6 pWAR = 42.3 Team WAR World Series Champion 1959 (94-60 vs. Pythagorean 86-68) 26.3 bWAR + 15.9 pWAR = 42.2 Team WAR AL Pennant 2006 (90-72 vs. Pythagorean 88-74) 20.3 bWAR + 21.8 pWAR = 42.1 Team WAR 1990 (94-68 vs. Pythagorean 87-75) 23.0 bWAR + 15.0 pWAR = 38.0 Team WAR 1972 (87-67 vs. Pythagorean 81-73) 11.6 bWAR + 26.0 pWAR = 37.6 Team WAR 1936 (81-70 vs. Pythagorean 79-72) 21.7 bWAR + 11.9 pWAR = 33.6 Team WAR PS - The Fernando Tatis Jr. "Teams which shall not be named" lest they win the tournament: 1919 (88-52 vs. Pythagorean 84-56) 31.8 bWAR + 16.4 pWAR = 48.2 Team WAR AL Pennant (Third best White Sox team all time, behind 1917 and 1993). 1994 (67-46 vs. Pythagorean 69-44) 31.4 bWAR + 23.8 pWAR = 55.2 Team WAR Season ended due to strike because Jerry was broke and needed to crush the union. The greatest adjusted WAR in White Sox history. Editorial Note: I don't necessarily agree with the premise that adjusting WAR for unplayed games (2020 COVID, 1994 Strike, etc.) on a pro-rata basis (162/games played times unadjusted WAR) is how the season would play out, but there is no other method to compare apples to apples. Same thoughts for saying Grandal's or any other player's WAR would have been XXX based on their 2020 WAR times (162/60). What we can relatively safely deduce is the 1919 and 1994 teams had a strong probability to finish among the Top 3-5 teams in White Sox history if they played a full season (1919 Spanish Flu, 1994 Strike).
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    This year's team. Book it. At least until next year.
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    The 1919 team was probably the best team the Sox ever had.
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    Someone always gets hurt.
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    Most underrated/overlooked aspect of this team, will likely be the best in the game
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    This is a fair assessment, and one likely to Passat least on the Crochet end. That said Hahn needs to make these decisions, whether he does or allowed to do so is another story. Injury or poor performance with the starting rotation may change plans to the benefit of Kopech and Crochet. There’s not a lot of depth there, whereas the bullpen is solid on its own, and it’s easier to pick up another bullpen piece if necessary.
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    I am also optimistic that we may have the best manager for dealing with it and making it the most productive experience for the guys we still hope to be starters. Thats a pro TLR take from me.
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    Finale was super rushed I felt. Should have been 10 episodes. I think overall the series was solid, just left me feeling meh at the end.
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    i feel very strongly both ways about this
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    Yes, I realize this now thanks to Jimmy's non-shouty explanation. I'm used to dudes having to actually be down in the minors for some arcane reason. Let me put in terms you can understand: MLB.HAS.DUMB.RULES.SOMETIMES.THEY.ARE.SHIT.MY.BAD.FOR.MISINTERPRETING.THEM.MLB.STILL.LOVES.FUCKING.OVER.MINOR.LEAGUE.PLAYERS.ESPECIALLY.WHEN.IT.COMES.TO.ARTIFICIALLY.MOVING.TIMELINES.SUCH.AS.THE.INTERNATIONAL.SIGNING.DATE.
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