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    Thanks for the random weekly Torkelson update.
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    I completed my second mock draft and posted it over at FutureSox. https://www.futuresox.com/2021/03/15/2021-mlb-mock-draft-2/
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    They are compared as the top 1b prospects. I wonder if Vaughn should be seen as the top 1b prospect about torkelson at that point.
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    I think when hitters know that he's got that wicked curve in his pocket and it's back in his arsenal, we'll see fewer people able to just sit dead-red on him.
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    Don't know why neither stream is working for me. Dammit.
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    So when does Madrigal not have enough time in to be ready for the season. I was a big fan but am now sliding over to questioning his durability and size to be an every day major league player.
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    Roy Robertson Harris getting 14M guaranteed from the Jags. This should be worth a 5th round comp pick next year (depending on whether the Bears sign someone that cancels this out).
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    Precautionary for an abdominal strain for Robert. Hopefully nothing.
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    If you have a smart TV( most people do now) then just add the MLB app. It's good for Sox highlights and interviews when u pick the Sox as your favorite team. Not sure if you will be able to see the game . I can, because the app includes my subscription to MLB TV. But many ST games are televised. Once the game starts just click on Scores and you will see all the scheduled games listed, then click on the game and pick the TV icon or the speaker icon for radio broadcast if they are allowing free watching or listening still. You might have to subscribe to MLB.com 1st but it's free and easy.
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    Wonder why Madrigal has been absent lately.
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    Yup 18 or so spring training PA seals the deal for Vaughn. Spring training narratives are a hoot.
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    According to fangraphs, he does. Though I felt like he has out when the Sox claimed him.
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    I went back to 2005 for all the HS catchers selected in the first and supplemental first round. HS catcher is by far the worst pick a team can make in the 1st round. Brandon Snyder Maxwell Sapp Hank Conger Devin Mesoraco Travis d'Arnaud Brett Lawrie (didn't know he was a HS catcher) Kyle Skipworth Steve Baron Kellin Deglan Justin O'Conner Blake Swihart Brett Austin (didn't sign) Stryker Trahan Clint Coulter Steve Bean Reese McGuire Nick Ciuffo Blake Anderson Chase Vallot Tyler Stephenson Anthony Siegler Noah Naylor Tyler Soderstrom Drew Romo None selected in 2016, 2017, 2019
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    If Vaughn starts the year in the minors, they could break camp with 3 with Collins being the "primary DH." Of course Grandal could see at bats there too.
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    Is this an open competition? I hope Collins gets it or is it practically a forgone that Lucroy is the backup? @Y2Jimmy0
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    I got by second Pfizer shot on Friday. I had absolutely no side effects. My arm was a bit sore for a day, but it was nothing more than discomfort. I know different people are affected differently, but most people I know who have gotten the vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna) have had little to no issues. It's exciting to see 3-4 million shots give per day. If the pace continues, and supply keeps up, we could be at her immunity quicker than anticipated.
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    Torkelson finally got his first hit but he is 1 for 17 with 10 Ks and 3 walks. I wouldn't be worried about 1 for 17 if I was a tigers fan but 10 Ks in 20 PAs clearly shows that he is not ready at all and probably won't be ready until mid 2022.Vaughn on the other hand looks pretty good, hitting 300 with good plate discipline and decent strikeout numbers (16% so far this spring, if he can keep that under 20 this season it would be great).
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    366 days after I cleaned out my office, I made it.
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    Those were some of my favorite rosters and early in my fandom. I started really getting into it in like 1997. I don’t think that system was even close to this current one, especially finished top-end talents. We all know the names. I just think these current guys could turn into legit all stars at like almost every single position on the field. And that’s not even chugging the koolaid. Sipping for sure- chugging, surprisingly not. Agree?
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    Dude shoulda been fired years ago. He should feel bad for his poor work.
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    He's on a minor league contract because he's been out of baseball for 2 years after a very harrowing and unusual injury. He's only sucked when healthy in the depths of your vivid imagination; one that believes I stated he was going to return to an all-star caliber player.
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