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GT 7/7: SOX @ MIN, 12:10

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You’ll see Zavala, since Collins hasn’t had a day off since June. Besides, I don’t think Lance Lynn gives a shit who is catching, he just rears back and throws.

I expect Collins to stick with Rodon and Giolito, and add Cease to his rotation, leaving Zalava with Lynn and Keuchel. That is unless Dallas raises a stink, which he is apt to do.

Hoping Engel is truly “healed”, not like last time with his every other day availability. The Sox could sure use a MLB capable CFer beyond Billy Hamilton’s limited role.


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3 minutes ago, flavum said:

Zavala was 1-12, 9 K in 2019. He made his debut at Target Field.

Zavala has no hit tool. Here's to hoping he gets a start or 2 a week to give Collins a breather. 

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29 minutes ago, chw42 said:

Yoan out. I was hoping Collins would get a start at DH to build on his good night at the plate. Lefties are much better vs. Pineda. 


Lineup keeps getting more and more depressing but we don't really have any other options at this point

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47 minutes ago, Squirmin' for Yermin said:

Glad we are sitting Collins vs a RHP, after his good day yesterday.

He's been taking a beating behind the plate, so I'm okay with a day of rest. Need I remind you of how screwed we are if we lose him too?

EDIT: I assumed your post was sarcastic. But now I realize you might actually agree with the day of rest.

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2 minutes ago, southsider2k5 said:

Pass on both.

Really? That's what I think those guys are going to get this winter. 

I really don't trust the other 3 pitchers right now all that much. I think Giolito's just having a bad year but that's just me being optimistic. 

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