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ELOY HURT! (3/25 Update: Torn Pectoral Tendon, Out 5-6 months))


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1 minute ago, fathom said:

Respectfully, no

You don't win the Postseason with 3 pitchers. It's going to take a lot more & at this point we can't go blow for blow with the top, top tier teams. Maybe we can win the AL Pennant, but this wasn't the WS year anyways. I know we'd like to think so, but it's not. You've got a buncha rookies who havne't played whole seasons let alone 200+ games including ST, regular season and postseason. 

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3 minutes ago, SoCalChiSox said:

Just get Gallo already. Isn't he under contract for 2 years?

Solves the power void issue and is a LH bat and a corner OF. Good bridge to Colas 

Eloy can play DH next year if he still has his power. 

Jose/Vaughn at 1B/DH this year.

2022 Vaughn/Eloy if he is 100 percent health and power wise. 

Just get it done. Might need to part with a couple young pitchers. It sucks but it is what it is.

Now that is something I could get behind.

Rangers rebuilding, looking for young near MLB talent.

Gallo doesn't do much for them. 

I've wanted Gallo for a while and now is a perfect time. Just wonder what it would take. 

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4 minutes ago, KrankinSox said:

In my completely uneducated knowledge of this, I'd guess Pec.  Shoulder injuries for baseball players are never good. Even on a  non-throwing arm.

From what people have said, for the long term, pec would be much preferable to the shoulder so there are no lingering issues sapping power. 

His calling card is power. If thats gonna be a long term issue, then what's he here for?

I've accepted hes done for the year.

I am praying no shoulder/labrum issues in addition to the pec.

Just keep it confined to the pec, let him come back next year and replace him with Gallo. 

Don't go cheap with Cespedes. NO!

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