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    Your unwavering defense of Grandal is nauseating. You do realize his batting average in a Sox uni is .219 right? I’d be more surprised if his career batting average with the Sox ends up in the .240-.250 range than the .200-.210 range. I’m sure you’ll cite some WAR numbers proving how great he is but if you actually watch the games and his play you realize this is one of the most overrated players in fangraphs history. And that’s not an exaggeration.
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    My God, do we really need this thread every other day?
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    Oh give me a break man it was a good play by any standard.
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    It’s actually nice to be on a little island with your own group in the seats and not tripping over other people. Feels pretty normal once you settle in. Surprised at how loud the limited capacity crowd gets. Kind of love it, really.
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    Abreu and Anderson can share it.
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    Been to 3 games. It's live baseball, there is zero to complain about at this point for me.
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    Cease is cleared of COVID and will pitch tonight.
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    One really good thing our scouts and analytics departments targeted the right players in Burnes and Musgrove. Just too bad we didn’t capitalized on it.
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    Yeah it wasn't super difficult to get there as he was playing deep already and the ball was hanging up a long time but the wall was well timed.
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    We really need a "I'm pissed about this loss and want to spout off" thread. 1/162 fellas. Act like ya 'been there before.
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    I'm retired, i got nothing else to do but watch baseball and CNBC!!!
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    I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrong thread my bad
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    I believe we call that a "game thread"
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    Not panicking, but Moncada doesn't work in the 4 spot. He isn't providing protection for Abreu. Try him 2nd or 5th. I guess try Yermin 4th for now. He and Eaton are the most dangerous hitters right now.
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    Lotta cheap shots at Eloy for a Vaughn thread. His routes weren't that bad. All right, coming in on a short ball you may have a point.
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    Other teams are bad, therefore we shouldn't be bothered about being bad. Um, no. Doesn't work, sorry. And again, the Yankees have a history of great scouting, development, investing, and winning. Who cares about their roster this year? There's not a fan alive that wouldn't switch ownership with the Yankees. If we were the Yankees we would all be quite happy.
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    Robert has been fine at the plate. Vaughn’s swing isn’t improving. Today he looked as bad as ever.
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    In a spot in my life where I don't play many games anymore so I know that if I buy a new gen system, I'm buying a $500+ dust collector. I'm so glad other games I want are still coming out on Ps4: Spider-Man Miles Morales, MLB The Show 21, Resident Evil 8.
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    OP is almost certainly a poppysox duplicate account.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/sports/carlos-rodon-white-sox-cleveland-no-hitter-mlb-024941925.html Looks like is really credit the change in mechanics (getting a lot more drive forward with the legs) as the reason for his success and growth in confidence in terms of putting less stress on the shoulder and elbow...a muscling up or arm pitcher rather than incorporating the full body swinging forward.
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    Lmao wtf. That's not this works
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    Phil Humber pitched a perfect game. I always liked Rodon more than most, but it was time to non tender him when he was non tendered. His current form is extremely encouraging, but he has a history of things falling apart one way or another. Hopefully this time is different, and his career takes off, but I wouldn't bet on it.
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    So Tony La Booza doesn't want to play Yermin now ahead of Lamb, after 2/4 days off...great. Just great.
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    Eloy couldn't even make every play a normal left fielder could.. Chill.
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